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LYDIA'S CASE (P.150) by Mind Map: LYDIA'S CASE (P.150)

1. Previous Teachers

1.1. Identified Lydia as gifted in grade 4 but didn't change program at parents wishes

1.2. attempted to enrich the girls program

1.3. Sad that the student is underachieving wishing that there is something that can be done

1.4. Work with the new teacher to try and get Lydia into an enrichment program

1.5. Feelings:

1.5.1. frustrated

1.5.2. angry

1.5.3. helpless

2. Student with Exceptionality - Lydia

2.1. Identified gifted at grade 4

2.2. Teaches peers as well as her own teacher

2.3. she can handle the curriculum

2.4. A natural , tutors little kids

2.5. capable of gr 11-12 math & language curriculum

2.6. previously called "the brightest student ever"

2.7. "just getting by" in grade 8

2.8. Feelings:

2.8.1. bored

2.8.2. frustrated

2.8.3. angry

2.8.4. left out

2.8.5. Submissive

2.9. Next Steps

2.9.1. Develop a voice

2.9.2. Join clubs

3. Parents

3.1. Parent Information:

3.1.1. Immigrated from southern Europe; New to Canada

3.1.2. Parents do not speak English

3.1.3. Rely on parish priest to translator/ speak on their behalf

3.2. Decision:

3.2.1. Not to enroll Lydia in gifted program or placement

3.3. Next Steps:

3.3.1. Meet with Teacher and Principal

3.3.2. Determine Plan for Lydia when she enters grade 9

3.4. Feelings:

3.4.1. Confused

3.4.2. Worried

3.4.3. Disengaged

4. Principal

4.1. Communication with teachers/Principals of feeder schools

4.1.1. Plan for teachers to utilize Lydia's intellectual capability within their classrooms (i.e. peer teaching, group work, modified curriculum)

4.2. Commitment to ease the transition from grade school to high school (school wide activities, clubs, events, etc.)

5. Grade 8 Teacher

5.1. Busy & having a hard time teaching

5.2. first year teaching

5.3. has a big class

5.4. felt she could do better

5.4.1. wonderful with tutoring program

5.4.2. natural teacher to classmates/peers

5.4.3. work is always done and on time

5.5. Feelings:

5.5.1. frustrated

5.5.2. exhausted

5.6. plan ahead

5.7. create more challenges

5.8. officially test Lydia again

5.9. work with resource teacher to give Lydia individualized attention to help her move ahead/forward

6. Deconstructing the issue/ problem:

6.1. Lydia is a Gr 8 student in regular classes despite her identification (gifted)

6.2. She is in a big class full of demanding students

6.3. Her work is always done but adequate (she is just getting by

6.4. She was identified by her Gr 1-2 teacher