Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood by Mind Map: Little Red Riding Hood

1. changes in behaviour

1.1. after being cheated by woolf

1.1.1. more cautious

1.1.2. not so trustful

1.1.3. kills woolf to save own and granny's lives

2. appearance

2.1. clothes

2.1.1. a little riding hood of red velvet given by granny

3. personality

3.1. friendly

3.1.1. talks to the strager - wolf

3.2. talkative

3.3. naive

3.4. caring

3.4.1. she visits her grandmother

3.5. not very observant

3.5.1. she does not recognise the wolf in desquise

3.6. incautious

3.6.1. talks to strangers

3.7. disobedient

3.7.1. does not listen to her mother's words "do run off the path, go straight to granny's house

3.8. charming

3.8.1. loved by everyone who looked at her

4. house

4.1. in the village

4.2. near the wood

5. family

5.1. grandmother

5.1.1. loves her granddaughter very mc

5.1.2. ill in bed

5.1.3. is being looked after by her daughter and granddaughter

5.2. mother

5.2.1. prepares food for ill garanny

5.2.2. asks Little Red Riding Hood to visit garnny and give her some food

6. adventure

6.1. sent by her mother to visit ill granny and give her some food

6.2. cheated by bad wolf

6.3. eaten by bad woolf

6.4. saved by the hunter

6.5. lesson

6.5.1. not to trust stragers

6.5.2. listen to mother's words

6.6. forest

6.6.1. tempations flowers birds

6.6.2. danger darkness bad wolf vast