What is the relationship between drug testing being necessary and it invading our privacy?

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What is the relationship between drug testing being necessary and it invading our privacy? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between drug testing being necessary and it invading our privacy?

1. Drug testing violates student privacy

2. drug testing was originally enacted to ensure that conscripts and criminals remained sober, yet this intrusion is now being inflicted upon innocent school children (Cassidy).

3. Student drug testing is necessary

4. The Drug Abuse Resistance Program, explains that "Drug education curriculum is taught by police officers and drug experts, and is centered on intimidation and threats of criminal prosecution rather than on harm reduction. Random, suspicious urine testing fits the same tired mold." (Biore).

5. Drug testing is not a punishment, he insists, but is a way to identify and treat young drug users. (Cassidy).

6. Students have to take random drug testing before doing sctracrivular activties and at random times (Thomas).

7. The decision elevates the myopic hysteria of a preposterous "zero-tolerance" drug war over basic values such as respect and dignity for our nation's young people (Biore).

8. Cassidy explains that "cores of school districts immediately began inspecting the language of the decision and considering establishing their own urinalysis programs based on the Tecumseh model." (Cassidy).

9. Thomas explains "We first consider the nature of the privacy interest allegedly compromised by the drug testing. As in Vernonia, the context of the public school environment serves as the backdrop for the analysis of the privacy interest at stake and the reasonableness of the drug testing policy in general." (Thomas).

10. Cassidy thinks and explains that "Nor do the test results here lead to the imposition of discipline or have any academic consequences. Rather, the only consequence of a failed drug test is to limit the student's privilege of participating in extracurricular activities." (Cassidy).

11. Biore thinks"Whether or not students use drugs, it makes no sense to bar them from the very activities that build citizenship and help prepare them for leadership roles in the workforce, or help them get into college" (Biore).

12. Cassidy explains "There is understandably a good deal of sympathy for drug testing as a social safety mechanism to catch kids who might be heading toward life-destroying drug abuse, social isolation and crime." (Cassidy).

13. Thomas explains "Within the limits of the Fourth Amendment, local school boards must assess the desirability of drug testing schoolchildren. In upholding the constitutionality of the Policy, we express no opinion as to its wisdom. " (Thomas).

14. The court explained "Given the nationwide epidemic of drug use, and the evidence of increased drug use in Tecumseh schools, it was entirely reasonable for the School District to enact this particular drug testing policy" (Thomas).

15. This means that it's not taught by police men its by drub experts so its them not the police officers.

16. This means that the school district is inspecting their language

17. This makes me think that the students are cautious about it and the school board doesn't want them to bar it

18. This connects to the viewpoint because because it is saying how they are explaing about bads of drug testing

19. This means that they are considering private interest

20. This means the school boards must seek the fourth amendment while drug testing

21. This connects to the viewpoint because its saying how the testing is necessary

22. This makes me think that maybe drug testing is okay and needed

23. Because it gets in the students way and some parents allow it and are okay with it

24. Because students dont think its the schools business

25. Because schools want to keep the students safe

26. Because they want to decrease the child drug use and keep students healthy