What is the severity of high school bullying?

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What is the severity of high school bullying? by Mind Map: What is the severity of high school bullying?

1. Bullying has been widely defined and exaggerated.

1.1. Many researchers say bullying is not being handled the right way having a negative impact (Are we).

1.1.1. Advocates say its hard but it's apart of life and it can be considered a lesson, "when it's not really bullying kids miss out on a chance to learn to cope with minor conflicts on their own" (Are we). This makes me think that some forms considered bullying could just be something for kids to learn to deal with in life.

1.1.2. President of the National Association of School Resource Officers, Kevin Quinn says that today's society has changed so much, stuff that is considered bully wasn't years ago "it was kids being kids, not saying it was right, but parents thought it was part of growing up" (Are we). This is connected to the viewpoint because the definition of bullying has been so widely named even if it’s not purposely meant to be bullying.

1.2. Benjamin Soskis believes that bullying is labeled too broadly, he disagrees with the claim that bullying is a big problem against the youth. (Soskis)

1.2.1. Parents and teachers don't realize that isolating the kids "from harsh realities, we leave them more vulnerable and potentially more hostile when those realities inevitably intrude" (Soskis). This matters because taking kids from problems itself in the world isn’t going to help them but make things worse.

1.2.2. The long term affects from categorizing too much as bullying can "risks pathologizing behaviors that, however unpleasant, are in some sense normal parts of growing up and learning how to interact in the world" (Soskis). This means that kids don’t get to learn life lessons that they should be able to deal with on their own and can be bad for them in the long run.

1.3. Because kids don’t get to learn lessons for themselves and figure out what is okay and not okay to deal with it can harm them mentally and in the long run.

2. Bullying is a serious problem facing today's teens.

2.1. According to Smith-Heavenrich, bullying can cause serious problems such as suicide and other violent acts. Physical and verbal bullying tends to not get as much attention as it should (Heavenrich).

2.1.1. According to bullying statistics in the US the numbers are very large, "Three million bullying incidents are reported each year in the US alone, and over 160,000 children miss school each day for fear of being bullied" (Heavenrich). This is connected to the viewpoint because the statistic for kids who are bullied is drastic and very important.

2.1.2. According to a study it showed that not only the victim is affected, being a bully can be harmful to your health, "study shows that these children have a higher risk of depression and suicidal thoughts than other children" (Heavenrich). This means that bullying isn’t just about the victim that the bully them self can be mentally harmed, and bullying is way worse than what people think.

2.2. Phoebe´s death put school bullying highly talked about again, shocking her community (A Teen).

2.2.1. According to Banks who´s a physiologist says that maybe other people could have affected her life, ¨if Phoebe had felt as if she had someone to confide in and to give her some perspective, she might have realized that this was a problem that could be solved¨ (A Teen). This makes me think that a lot of suicides and harm to the victim could be prevented if they felt more comfortable talking to someone.

2.2.2. According to a study by Crimes Against Children Research Center the percentage of kids physically bullied is way too high for liking, "the report says that the drop is probably because of programs adopted by thousands of U.S. schools to counter bullying behavior¨ (A Teen). This matters because it’s the kids lives that have been less affected by bullying due to programs.

2.3. Because bullying can lead to suicide and serious physical and mental harm to both the bully and bullied, it is a very serious problem for today’s youth.