What is the relationship between video games and school violence?

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What is the relationship between video games and school violence? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between video games and school violence?

1. Because video games are embedded in our social media and almost everything on the internet and can be very violent and people sometimes think its acceptable to be violent.

2. The author bailey talks about a study " playing ultra-violent, violent, and nonviolent video games had any post-play effect on two measures of pro-social behavior"(Bailey).

2.1. I chose this as evidence because it talks about how violent video games can affect social behavior and the biggest place teens socialize is school.

3. Because they stimulate us to death and killing and almost make it seem normal.

4. School violence is to violent media as lung cancer is to tobacco(Bailey).

4.1. Bailey talks about how violent media is really taken and how it affects us "Patrick market and colleagues published a study comparing trends in onscreen violence to America's murder and aggravated assault rates"(Bailey).

4.1.1. I chose this because it talks about a study giving evidence towards violent video games and violence.

5. Violent video games help prepare students for attacks on classmates and are in the homes of most school shooters(Thompson).

5.1. In Thompson's article it states "In 2003, an 11-year-old boy dressed in camouflage tried to take over his Wellsboro, Pa., middle school"(Thompson).

5.1.1. I choose this sentence for this because it talks about how a kid attacked his school.

5.2. The author Thompson tells about a time when Matt Lauer talking about a school shooting told the audience, "We will find it is a teen-age boy trained on a shooter video game switched to 'God mode'" (Thompson).

5.2.1. I chose this because it was a very strong connector for school shootings and video games.

6. Video games do not cause violence.

7. Video games cause school violence.

8. Another study done that mental health weekly digest states "We found no evidence that violent video games increase bullying or delinquent behavior"(Mental Health Weekly Digest).

9. Once again another study was done and is more evidence towards the claim.

10. because millions of people play video games and fun entertainment not a shooting simulator.

10.1. New Topic

11. In the mental health weekly digest it states talks about a study done by two physiologists "Ferguson and Olson's findings do not support the popular belief that violent video games increase aggression in youth"(Mental Health Weekly Digest).

11.1. This is a study by physiologists that was trial more than once that proves the claim.

12. Because videos games may be violent but that doesn't mean they make us violent

13. Bullies and delinquents are not caused by violent video games such as "mortal kombat"(mental health weekly digest).

13.1. New Topic

14. Kids who already feel isolated are stigmatized when there parents overreact to there violent video games(Jenkins).

14.1. In Jenkins article he states "Children are the primary market for video games"(Jenkins).

14.1.1. I was thinking that if video games are marketed towards children theirs no way they could be causing such a disruption if such a large amount of children play them and are not violent.

14.2. In another paragraph Jenkins says "One quarter of children ages 11 to 16 identify an M-Rated (Mature Content) game as among their favorites"(Jenkins).

14.2.1. If this many kids play violent games and so few commit acts of violence it is direct evidence towards video games not causing violence.