What is the relationship between video games and school shootings?

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What is the relationship between video games and school shootings? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between video games and school shootings?

1. Violent video games cause more school shootings

1.1. people who play these games are becoming more violent and might resort to school shootings

1.1.1. After research and doing studies it was found that "the people playing these games are at risk of becoming isolated from society and resorting to school shootings and other violent acts." It means that people who are resorting to violence and school shootings are playing violent video games

1.1.2. From a lot of school shootings it was found that "In fact, killing simulation games have been found in the homes of most school shooters who use these games to prepare for attacks on their classmates." "The FBI and the U.S. Secret Service contend that intense engagement with these violent videogames is a factor in numerous schoolshootings." It makes me think that video games are the reason school shootings happen because they are found in the homes of killers

1.2. Intense engagement with violent video games is a factor in numerous school shootings according to studies.

1.2.1. Paul Keegan a New York journalist said that " These studies have shown that repeated exposure to violent images can make people less sensitive to the effects of violence. " It maters because it shows that repeatedly people playing violent video games are more likely to cause violence.

1.2.2. Paul Keegan also said that "Although the video game industry and many of its fans maintain otherwise, studies suggest that, as with violent movies and television programs, a connection likely exists between brutality in games and real-life aggression". It connects to my viewpoint by showing that studies show that violent video games cause violence that could lead to school shootings.

1.3. Because people are being violent from these games they want to make the games less violent.

1.4. Because of the violence they want people to play these games less than what they are

2. Violent video games have no connection to school shootings

2.1. The link between violent video games and incidents with violence did not have a connection in most cases from studies and research.

2.1.1. most school shootings are not caused from video games and it was found from "Most academic research, as well as studies by the FBI and the US Secret Service, examining the link between violent video games and incident of violence does not support the gun lobby's charge. " It means that research has found that video games and violence dont link together

2.1.2. Torrey Meeks a staff writer for Blast magazine, an online periodical that covers lifestyle and technology news said that "statistics indicate that youth violence is declining, but social critics feel the need to pin tragic acts of violence such as school shootingson some facet of youth culture. Video games take the blame". It makes me think that people are just blaming video games for violence instead of finding all the reasons.

2.2. Violent video games do not make normal young people into school shooters

2.2.1. Henry Jenkins the director of the Comparative Media Studies Program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that "Despite the fact that most American kids play video games, violent juvenile crime is at a thirty-year low". It matters because it shows that there is actually a decline in violence for young kids even though most kids play video games

2.2.2. Another part of his evidence is that "Claims that violent video games lead to aggressive behavior misinterpret the evidence. Indeed, no research has shown that violent video games are the primary factor in school violence". It connect because it shows that claims are misinterpreted and and no research show video games as the primary factor for violence.

2.3. Because there is not connection to violence and video games they see no reason to make games less violent.

2.4. because violent video game do not make normal kids into school shooters they dont want people to blame video games for violence and shootings