What is the relationship between video games and teen behavior?

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What is the relationship between video games and teen behavior? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between video games and teen behavior?

1. Video games do not promote teen aggression and violence.

1.1. -Serena Gordon states that violent video games cannot cause a teen to be violent. she proved it through study and researches(Gordon).

1.1.1. A assistant professor of radiology and imaging science at Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis named Dr.Wang said "We found that functioning has been changed in the brain by violent video games"(Dr Wang). Showing less activation in the brain is good because they are less emotional and wont hurt anyone.

1.1.2. A study was conducted using 11 undergraduates teens half of them would play violent games and the others wouldn't. ¨The men who played violent video games showed less activation in the left inferior frontal lobe during the emotional task¨(Gordan). This is showing that the violent games helped the 11 teens because it made them less aggressive and the other half who didn't play violent games showed more aggression.

1.2. School shooting in Connecticut has sparked debates over gun laws, violent video games; etc.

1.2.1. The ESA (entertainment software association) has made efforts to keep fighting to regulate violent game for years;¨The group has spent about 4.4 million dollars lobbying Congress¨(Brendan). This shows that the ESA wanted to fight violence in video games and they were taking no risk spending 4.4 million dollars to fight it.

1.2.2. Joe Baca and Frank Wolf would make the labeling act ¨it would put warning labels on violent video games¨ (Joe Baca). The act never received a vote in the committee. Joe Baca and Frank Wolf had a good idea and its something that could've been very effective.

1.3. Because violent video games can release anger and can make some people calm down in bad events.

1.4. Because people look at violent games from the wrong perspective and some people try to put the warning out the there.

2. Video games promote teen aggression and violence.

2.1. -There is a increase in media,video game,and movie violence; psychologist believe people are getting more violent because there has been a increase in these things(Ronald).

2.1.1. Violence in society was a attribute to media content "Victor strasburger estimated that 10-30%of violence related back to violent video games or media"(Strasburger). This proves that most violent incidents relate back to violent media or videogames.

2.1.2. This is true violence video games or anything relating to violence sells its something that people like it can be proven ''Marketing dollars are spent on promoting violent games instead of nonviolent ones¨(Strasbuger). The most crowd for violent video games is teens and most spend money on it, and it gives the people making the games money, therefore they keep promoting violence.

2.2. -Craig a Anderson demonstrates a clear connection with violent video games and aggression in kids she conducted a study on violence effecting the youth(Anderson).

2.2.1. Many kids who have aggressive behavior play and or watch violent television shows "Over the last 10 years there has been a massive increase in violent media and it effecting teens"(Anderson). Over time promoting violence in video games or media has no decreased.

2.2.2. "There are long term effects playing violent video games such ass extreme aggressive behavior or worst case aggravated assault or homicide"(Anderson). there are many more long lasting effects playing video games(Anderson). Playing violent games has effects it can make someone more aggressive than usual.

2.3. Because a lot of violent events happen and they usually relate back to violent media or something usually violent.

2.4. Because teens usually can be more mad and the cause can be violence in games or more.