What is the relationships violent video games and aggressive behavior in teens?

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What is the relationships violent video games and aggressive behavior in teens? by Mind Map: What is the relationships violent video games and aggressive behavior in teens?

1. Violent video games promote teen aggression and violence.

1.1. Craig A. Anderson discusses how media violence including "violent video games" influence violence on youth.

1.1.1. According to Craig A. Anderson, "In the last 10 years there also has been a huge increase in research on violent video games"(Anderson). This quote means that there has been a lot of researches saying that violent video games cause teen violence.

1.1.2. According to Craig A. Anderson, she states that, "Immediately after consuming some media violence, there is an increase in aggressive behavior tendencies because of several factors"(Anderson). This quote makes me think that they tried to find information that was related to teen violence and just put something. I don't think they actually researched.

1.2. A new review of 130 studies "strongly suggests" playing "violent video games increases aggressive thoughts" and behavior and decreases empathy.

1.2.1. According to USA today, a 2015 study shows that, "Ferguson says his own study of 603 predominantly Hispanic young people, published last year in The Journal of Pediatrics, found "delinquent peer influences, antisocial personality traits, depression, and parents/guardians who use psychological abuse" were consistent risk factors for youth violence and aggression"(Jayson) This matters because it shows how many people were going through violent teen aggression because of violent video games.

1.2.2. According to USA today, a 2015 study shows, "Texas A&M International University in Laredo, says in a critique accompanying the study that the effects found "are generally very low." He adds that the analysis "contains numerous flaws," which he says result in "overestimating the influence" of violent games on aggression"(Jayson). This quote shows that at Texas A&M there was a study they were overestimating the influence of violent video games.

1.3. Because Violent video games cause more youth children to do more violent things.

1.4. Because all tho shooting and killing in the video games cause teens to want to try to do it in real life.

2. Violent Video Games do not cause violence

2.1. David Kushner is the author and he claims that behavior called "aggression" in these studies are not related to criminal activity

2.1.1. The author of Violent video games do not cause aggression David Kushner states "Following the Apri1 16 [2007] Virginia Tech shootings, the Washington Post reported online that the killer had a history of playing the PC squad-based multiplayer shooter Counter-Strik" (Kushner). This quote means that Student caused a school shooting because of a PC violent game.

2.1.2. The author of Violent Video Games do not cause aggression David Kushner States "The American Psychological Association [APA] in August 2005 found a clear causal link between violent games and teen aggression."(Kushner). This makes me think that Violent video games isn't a cause of teen violence.

2.2. True or false: "Violent video games" cause children to become more aggressive. Sorry, that was a trick question. Despite much bandying of statistics and loud talking by critics on both sides of the argument, the real answer is that there is no real answer

2.2.1. The author of Violent video games-the myths and the facts states Yvonne Zipp "So say Cheryl Olson and Lawrence Kutner in their new book, a*Grand Theft Childhood.a* a*In fact, much of the information in the popular press about the effects of violent video games is wrong," (Zipp) This matters because the popular press showed that effects in violent video games are wrong.

2.2.2. According to a Christian Science Monitor article, a 2001 FBI study found that "no link between violent video games and school shootings" (Zipp). This quote shows that there is no connection between violent video games causing teens to do violence in the real world.

2.3. Because there is really know show that violent video games do cause teen violence.

2.4. Because there is no real study that shows the real answer to how violent video games cause teen aggression.