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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analysis

1.1. goals &objectives

1.1.1. what is the skills the learner have?

1.1.2. how many time the student need to achieve this goals?

1.2. characteristics learners

1.2.1. did the learner in the same age?

1.2.2. what is the native language for the learner?

1.3. previous knowledge

1.3.1. what they know

1.3.2. how is the learner

2. Implementation

2.1. things related to instructor

2.1.1. what is the goals/ activity/ assessment

2.1.2. how instructor will motivate learner

2.2. things related to learner

2.2.1. did the learner study with lms

2.2.2. whats the pre-knowledge

2.3. things related to environment learning

2.3.1. did the media relevance

2.3.2. How do I use PowerPoint slides or other presentation media The media was checked before it was used

3. Design

3.1. objectives& goals

3.1.1. what is the goals for the lesson/ units

3.1.2. what is the outcomes you want achieve with your learner

3.2. teaching strategy

3.2.1. which kind of strategy will use

3.2.2. will you use collaborative learning

3.3. means and resources learning

3.3.1. what is the multi media will use

3.3.2. assessment class discussion tips and instructions note student performance

4. Development

4.1. how will we make lesson plan

4.1.1. which kind of activities should add how do i provide corrective feedback

5. Evaluation

5.1. Formative

5.1.1. Which experts should review the materials before a course is presented to students

5.2. did my feedback was enough

5.3. summative

5.3.1. Which changes should be made to improve the course after it is presented