TEAM 4 [Fantastic Four]: YuJin, Jynnifer, Jason, Josh, Judy

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TEAM 4 [Fantastic Four]: YuJin, Jynnifer, Jason, Josh, Judy by Mind Map: TEAM 4 [Fantastic Four]: YuJin, Jynnifer, Jason, Josh, Judy

1. Time zone I live in

1.1. Judy: Mountain Time Zone

1.2. Josh: Eastern Time Zone

1.3. Jynn: Central Time Zone

1.4. YuJin: Eastern Time Zone

1.5. Jason: Central Time Zone

2. Do I have have a set work schedule?

2.1. Judy: No, I work in the hospital three days a week on varying days

2.2. Josh: I usually work around 9:30-6:30, Monday to Friday

2.3. Jynn: Typically work 8am - 5pm CT, M - F. No weekends unless special circumstances arise.

2.4. YuJin: I'm usually in front of computer from 8-2pm on the weekdays, but 3-9pm I am only available with my phone

2.5. Jason: My schedule is flexible. I operate sleep clinics for a hospital chain with 3 different locations and at times need to be there in the evenings or at night to take care of one thing or another. I can always step out for a call or even video conference. It is the commute to and from that requires some thought. That said I can make whatever work but advance notice will be helpful ( 24 hours should be fine)

3. Days and/or times I ABSOLUTELY cannot email, video conference or phone conference

3.1. Judy: cannot video/phone conference while seeing patients. If planned, I can set time aside when at work. I have a flexible lunch hour. Also, on Sundays from 10:30am mountain time until 1:00pm mountain time (at church)

3.2. Josh: February 3rd

3.3. Jynn: Cannot video/phone conference during certain work obligations. As long as we set a schedule, I can make it work.

3.4. YuJin: Monday is usually busy day, I come home around 11pm. Other than that, usually I can see how my schedule go and I am try to manage it beforehand

3.5. Jason: I am good anytime unless I'm on a plane without Wifi. That rarely happens. On February 3rd and February 5th I am not available.

4. Do I have a job with varying work days?

4.1. Judy: I work varying days Mon-Friday, one Saturday a month

4.2. Josh: Usually not

4.3. Jynn: Nope.

4.4. YuJin: Nope, but I also have a parttime job on the evenings including Sundays.

4.5. Jason: No

5. Can you text and respond during your work day?

5.1. Judy: yes, all day is fine. I have my phone on me at all times

5.2. Josh: All day during the work day.

5.3. Jynn: Yes. Usually have my phone with me, but may have 1 hr or so periods when I don't have it (during meetings, calls, etc.)

5.4. YuJin: Yes. All day is good

5.5. Jason: All day during the work week

6. Can you telephone conference during your work day?

6.1. Judy: only when given advance notice so I wont see patients at that time

6.2. Josh: Yes.

6.3. Jynn: If given advanced notice, I can likely make time to have a conference.

6.4. YuJin: Yes, only when I am not in the laboratory working with the samples.

6.5. Jason: Yes

7. Can you video conference during your work day

7.1. Judy: only when given advance notice so I wont see patients at that time

7.2. Josh: Yes.

7.3. Jynn: If given advanced notice, I can likely make time to have a video conference.

7.4. YuJin: Yes.

7.5. Jason: Yes

8. What kind of phone do you have?

8.1. Judy: Iphone so I can FaceTime

8.2. Josh: iPhone

8.3. Jynn: Android

8.4. YuJin: iphone

8.5. Jason: iPhone

9. Are you able to video/phone conference in EARLY morning?

9.1. Judy: yes, I am a early riser even on the weekends

9.2. Josh: Yes.

9.3. Jynn: Not during the work week, Monday - Friday. I can be available on weekends for early morning.

9.4. Jason: Yes

10. Are you able to video/phone conference in the EVENINGS or even LATE evenings

10.1. Judy: yes, just give me a days advance notice for LATE EVENINGS. Evenings are usually ok

10.2. Josh: Evenings and late evenings work for me.

10.3. Jynn: Yes. I'm usually available in the evenings any time after 6:00pm CT Monday - Friday. Flexible on weekends.

10.4. YuJin: Monday usually come home around 11pm. Other than that, I am usually available after 9pm, but we should make a time beforehand so that I can check my part time work schedule.

10.5. Jason: Yes that works for me.

11. How often do you check your JH email address during the week and on weekends?

11.1. Judy: every day now since I'm in this class. Usually check once in AM before going to work. Once during early afternoon. Once in evening.

11.2. Josh: Daily as emails come in; the little red dot on the email app on my phone alerts me of unread JHU email.

11.3. Jynn: Check email frequently throughout the day.

11.4. YuJin: Everyday!

11.5. Jason: Mornings/ Evenings