Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Violent Behavior

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Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Violent Behavior by Mind Map: Do Violent Video Games Contribute to Violent Behavior

1. violent video games do cause aggresion

1.1. kim states however, our first reaction was to check the battery health of our mobile phones(kim).

1.1.1. A new report from an American Psychological Association task force has concluded that playing violent videogames can lead to an increase in aggression(kim). This means that if you play video games that it may lead to increase in aggression

1.1.2. According to the author the media consumers have difficulty distinguishing between real and fictional mayhem. Violence on movie or video screens supposedly supplies behavioral scripts that viewers and players later act out. Reel violence leads to real violence(kim). This means that the author is saying that video games play true with false in your mind.

1.2. Erick states Video games are not a complete waste of time, U.S. researchers say(Erick).

1.2.1. Indeed, the debate about whether violent video games lead to violent acts by those who play them goes way back. The public reaction to Death Race can be seen as an early predecessor to the controversial Grand Theft Auto three decades later and the many other graphically violent and super real games of today(erick). This means that the graphicts are getting better and more addictive and is getting worse for are minds

1.2.2. The research demonstrates a consistent relation between violent video game use and increases in aggressive behavior ... and decreases in ... empathy and sensitivity to aggression," said the study(erick). this states that violent video games hurts your brain

1.3. there are studys that video games hurt your brain like it plays true and false with your brain

1.4. video games graphics are to real and study's say its lead to violence

2. violent video games don't cause aggression

2.1. Rory states we should not look into video game violence but into other kinds of violence(Rory).

2.1.1. A study conducted by researches saw an oppertunity in video games helping with attention deficits and other disorders also video games are hyperactive or who have attention-deficit disorder lengthen their attention spans using video games(espajo). this states that video games can help with attention deficits.

2.1.2. Honey Kim explains These games take a lot of time to do so this keeps them busy to where they are not doing bad stuff and it keeps them out of harms way(Rory) the author states that video games take a lot of time and keeps them out of trouble

2.2. Espajo states Decades later, experts are still asking, does virtual violence lead to real violence(espajo).

2.2.1. The author said she has noticed that playing the games has improved his eye-hand corordination and has made him read more quickly. He can scan instructions as they scroll by on the screen(espajo). video games help with your hand eye- coronation

2.2.2. According to Dr. Bavelier Some parents worry about the violence in action videogames. The study did not address that issue. In the past, Dr. Bavelier and Dr. Green have focused on how learning and experience shapes the brain and the way it functions. One of the reasons they decided to study video game players is that Dr. Green is an avid player(Rory). video games help shape your brain and there is no study that shows video games dont hurt your brain

2.3. because video games shape your brain and help with your mind also there is no study that shows video games hurt

2.4. because it helps with your hand eye-coordination and attention span