What is the relationships between sexting and cyber- bullying?

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What is the relationships between sexting and cyber- bullying? by Mind Map: What is the relationships between sexting and cyber- bullying?

1. Social networking cannot be blamed (Includes Sexting)

1.1. "Researchers have studied over time and see that sexting is not always harmful"(Collier).

1.1.1. "People seeing that sexting is a crime and viewing it as a bad thing tells us that people don't understand different types of sexting"(Collier). "Teens act between consensual or experimental from sexting beyond crime"(Collier).

1.1.2. "Researcher have found that sexting is helping with sexual health"(Collier). "Sexual Health from sexting helps teens understand the way of a sexual life"(Collier).

1.2. "Article tells us that sexting better can help with sexual heath"(Collier).

1.2.1. "Taking risk helps us with sexual heath even when we do sexting"(Collier). "Including Healthy risk taking, adolescent development and sexual health helps us understand sexting could be better"(Collier).

1.2.2. "Sexual Health in the Article teaches us that sexting is not bad in a way"(Collier). "Sexting in a way teaches us about sexual health from the article"(Collier).

1.3. "Because educators and parents need to understand that all sexting is not harmful for the teens"(Collier).

1.4. "Because understanding what sexting has helped us figure out that sexing can help with sexual health"(Collier).

2. Sexting is harmful

2.1. "Teens are actually sending a naked picture of themselves to strangers and they don't know the mistake they are doing"(Abbondanza).

2.1.1. "A recent study showed that of the nearly one thousand teens surveyed, almost 30 percent had sent a sext, and almost 60 percent had been asked to send a revealing photo of themselves"(Abbondanza). "Studies are showing that one thousand teens males and females are surveyed, when the survey was over it shows that almost 30 percent has sext a person or another teen, and close to 60 percent of teens been asked to show a photo of them selves nude"(Abbondanza).

2.1.2. "Teens showing pictures of themselves can cause depression if anyone gets there hands on the pictures from the sext"(Abbondanza). "The Picture that the teen sent of herself can cause depression for her or even Suicide"(Abbondanza).

2.2. "Teens are becoming more depressed because people at school and parents will be able to see the photos that they have sent to strangers"(Abbondanza).

2.2.1. "What is not taken into account by young women when they naively send images of themselves to boyfriends and others is the humiliation, loss of control, depression, and even possible criminal charges that can result"(Abbondanza). "Teen girls don't understand the humiliation they are about to receive from people online and the person she has sent the picture too, after the picture has been sent, she will loss control, have depression, and even have possible criminal charges"(Abbondanza).

2.2.2. "When the teens sends a picture of themselves nude to a stranger and the stranger puts it online the teen will feel humiliated"(Abbondanza). "The humiliation the teen girl will get when the person puts the picture online will make the girl have depression or loss of control"(Abbondanza).

2.3. " Because the teachers and my brother have seen the picture I sent to my boyfriend because I didn't think of the terrible mistake I was going to do"(Abbondanza).

2.4. "Because the Kids that feel sad and hopeless will start to sext with a person they do not know"(Abbondanza).