Who's responsible for preventing sexual assaults on school campus?

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Who's responsible for preventing sexual assaults on school campus? by Mind Map: Who's responsible for  preventing sexual assaults on school campus?

1. The schools are responsible for preventing sexual assaults.

1.1. Rapes and assaults are becoming woodwork, news reporters are saying guns shouldn’t be allowed in school campus.

1.1.1. If these young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to assault them. This quote means little girls getting sexual assaults.

1.1.2. But actual facts are peripheral to politicians who seek to exploit the recent national prioritization of campus sexual assault. This quote means taking exploits campus rape.

1.2. Teen bullying and teen suicide are decreasing,and parents should stop worrying about cyber bullying.

1.2.1. The American public now considers rape and sexual assault on college campuses to be a problem. This quote means that campus and schools are taking charge of school rapes.

1.3. Because if they prevented sexual assaults none of this would happen.

1.4. Because if they cared enough for the students it wouldn't have happened.

2. Schools security is responsible for sexual assaults

2.1. Youth committing suicide with online bullying.

2.1.1. Online bullying from peers is not only driving ordinary youth to suicide, but anonymous people are celebrating their deaths with sexual assaults. This quote means how people can have the laughter of suicide death and how bullying can drive peers crazy.

2.1.2. It shows that more than half of cyber-stalkers know their victims personally, but the Internet opened up myriad of sophisticated so you can be able to hind your profile. This quote means how social media accounts can be hacked and changed profile.

2.2. Only one third or fewer of the website provide help with sexual assaults.

2.2.1. most cases of rape are never reported. This quote means that most people don't care about campus rape.

2.2.2. Two-thirds or more of the websites did contain very general information about their policy and age limits. This quote means that social media has their own policy.

2.3. Because students don't deserve sexual assaults at all.

2.4. Because they should have students background information and know who's on school property.