What is the connection between bullying and suicide?

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What is the connection between bullying and suicide? by Mind Map: What is the connection between bullying and suicide?

1. Bullying does cause suicide.

1.1. Bullying is an assault, and it will drive people to the edge.(Ollove).

1.1.1. This author states that "none of that was enough to keep him going back to Murray High."(Ollove). This means that bullying can be a direct relation to people killing themselves.

1.1.2. This author states that "he Opened the louvered doors of his bedroom closet, and hanged himself from a shelf." (Ollove). This makes me think of how real this problem is.

1.2. bullying does increase the chance teens will think about suicide or take their own lives. (Weeks).

1.2.1. This author states "suicidal ideation," a term that refers to thinking about or planning suicide." (Weeks). This matters because it can help this problem out a lot.

1.2.2. This author states "bullying behavior and more difficult for young people to escape or avoid the abuse." (Weeks). This connects to the view point because it shows that this is a direct cause.

1.3. Bullying does cause suicide because it hurts someone and their self esteem.

1.4. bullying does cause suicide because people will feel alone.

2. Bullying doesn't cause suicide.

2.1. we need to under stand that bulling will not lead to suicide (Temkin).

2.1.1. This author states that "risk is not the same as cause. The vast majority of the estimated 28 percent of youth between the ages of 12 to 18 who report being bullied) will not think about or engage in suicidal behaviors. (Temkin). This means that the majority of the people who report or come across bulling do not think of committing suicide

2.1.2. This author states 'We also have to consider that perhaps the recent media attention to such suicides is itself a risk factor for these youth."(Temkin). This makes me think that they are putting their own opinions into this.

2.2. never not part of the conversation.(Robertson).

2.2.1. This author states "the facts of Mr. Jefferson's life fit no clean narrative of fragile dis empowerment."(Robertson). This matters because bullying is a big deal and can harm people.

2.2.2. This author states ''Bullying has nothing to do with this, and that's what I want the world to know. Joseph has never been bullied.'' (Robertson). This connects to the view point because he says the child can be depressed without people bullying them.

2.3. bullying does not cause suicide because people can have other reasons to hurt themselves.

2.4. bullying does not cause suicide because it is not a direct cause.