What is the relationship between bullying and sexting among teens

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What is the relationship between bullying and sexting among teens by Mind Map: What is the relationship between bullying and sexting among teens

1. Sexting among teens can be harmful

1.1. Girls who get involved with taking, sending and forwarding these kinds of inappropriate pictures can get themselves into deeper trouble—both emotional and legal—than they might realize.

1.1.1. Abbondanza states "alyson had explained how her life had been messed up because she sent a photo of herself to her boyfriend" (Abbondanza). This makes me feel sad for her because she had trusted him with a picture and he stabbed her in the back

1.2. juveniles are unaware of proper sexual conduct and that electronically sharing sexually explicit photos of themselves or others may result in felony convictions of child pornography.

1.2.1. Abbondanza reveals "as she was being bullied she tried stopping it the law had said she was a sex offender and had charged her for it"(Abbondanza). This matters because when she tried getting help she had been labeled as someone she wasn't because of the law

1.2.2. Heck justifys"kaitlyn had shown her boyfriend a picture and he went behind her back to show his friends a week later she had found out that it was spreading around the school"(Heck). This means that she knew that she had made a mistake that she thought wouldn't happen because she thought she could have trust

1.2.3. Heck clarifies "law enforcement had made a law that sexting and sending out pictures of someones body could be charged as a sex offender"(Heck). This makes me think of how this law could change the way that people would communicate.

1.3. Juveniles engaging in this conduct are completely unaware that what they are doing is illegal, and in many states they could potentially face registration requirements as a sexual offender for committing these acts.

1.4. Sexting laws vary from state to state, but in some places, having naked photos on your phone can count as child pornography, which is a seriously big deal with long-term consequences.

2. Sexting among teens is not always harmful

2.1. To better guide young people, adults must understand these motivations and recognize that sexting is not always harmful.

2.1.1. Collier requested "people need to understand that sexting is better than doing things phycially and be with the person face to face making sexting a healthy risk"(Collier). it supports the viewpoint by saying a fact of what could happen in the real life and it could change them if the person did meet face to face

2.1.2. Collier claims that "sexting is just an experience and it shouldn't be against the law or be charged with the law" (Collier). This makes me think if people would keep sexting thinking they wont be in trouble or get hurt

2.2. Sexting among teens should not be criminalized

2.2.1. American Civil Liberties Union national organization that works in the courts advise "sexting should not be against the victims and they be labeled as a sex offender"(American Civil Liberties Union). It makes me think if you would sext if it could move you to a point to where you would be in a dangerous situation with the person you've sexted

2.2.2. ACLU informs"sexting is common and it is better than being with the person then having an unplanned pregnancy" (American Civil Liberties Union.) This means that if someone was to get caught in a situation where their body is being spread across the area and then they get charged for something they didnt do

2.3. latest way people of all ages use imagery in consensual sexual activity.

2.4. label the young person as a sex offender and carry mandatory registration requirements.