Do school policies help limit cyber bullying?

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Do school policies help limit cyber bullying? by Mind Map: Do school policies help limit cyber bullying?

1. School policies help limit cyberbullying

1.1. cell phones in school can be beneficial but also used for other reason such as cyberbullying. (¨cell¨).

1.1.1. because cell phones are used to cyberbully kids schools are questioning if they should it be allowed

1.1.2. Steven Hancock an administrator at Princeton day school states¨Schools should ban students from carrying cell phones during classes. Cell phones can be a major distraction and impair student learning. Cell phones also give students more opportunities to cheat and cyberbully.(Hancock). i think that phones should still be allowed but instead of banning it just put them out of reach of the students.

1.1.3. Steven Hancock, an administrator at Princeton Day School says, agrees. He says, "Cell phones have addictive qualities that will impede student engagement and learning."(Hancock). i agree and also think phones can be extremely addictive because of social media.

1.2. cyber bullying in schools are the same as physical bullying.(¨cyber¨)

1.2.1. David Finkelhor a director of Crimes Against Children Research Center as well as a professor of sociology at the University of New Hampshire says ¨that bullying in schools has been declining since the 1990s. The reasons for this decline are not clear, but he speculates that it may be tied to changes in school policy¨.(Finkelhor). i agree that school policies destroy kids and may cause high school dropouts

1.2.2. The annual National Crime Victimization Survey states¨between 1992 and 2010 for youth 12-18 school-related violent victimizations declined 74% and school-related thefts¨.(NCVS). i agree that it causes suicidal thoughts and may be more people without jobs.

1.2.3. because bullying talks about family or friends it emotions and thats is a really bad issue

2. because cyber bullying affects emotions kids can commit suicide

3. School policies do not affect cyberbullying

3.1. How cyber bullying starts and the emotions that comes to the victim.(¨cyber¨)

3.1.1. Sameer hinduja a professor at Florida Atlantic university states that "school polices do not help consequences of cyberbullying" (Sameer). i think that school policies depending on the school may stop cyberbullying

3.1.2. Sameer hinuja a professor at Florida Atlantic University suggests that " youth can send hurtful text messages to others or spread rumors using smartphones or tablets"(Sameer). i agree that smartphones and tablets are the source of cyberbullying

3.2. what cyber bullying can lead to and what people are trying to do to stop it.(¨cyber¨)

3.2.1. Dan Olweus an editor of the European Journal of Development Psychology says "claims about cyberbullying made in the school are greatly useless and have little affect on students." (Dan). i disagree and think and think that other people may take that offensive.

3.2.2. Dan Olweus an editor of the European Journal of Development Psychology states "students in a lot of school are committing suicide and school policies such as posters won' help".(Dan). cyber bullying usually starts in the internet and most people who get cyberbullied fall for these tricks

3.2.3. because kids receive hurtful messages they can be sad and affect their learning and attendence.