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Characters by Mind Map: Characters

1. wants his son to take revenge of his son by killing everybody involved

2. Hamlet

2.1. Time

2.1.1. influence of Renaissance human characters with psychological complexity even monarchs are given human emotions and can make mistakes influence of Greek and Roman classics

2.1.2. new vision of life different from the Middle Age new freedom for artists

2.2. Background

2.2.1. Ur-Hamlet

2.2.2. written in around 1600

2.2.3. Elizabethan period

2.3. Genre

2.3.1. milestone in the development of reinassance drama

2.3.2. revenge tragedy

2.4. Characters

2.4.1. Ophelia Polonius' daughter Laertes' sister innocence and fragility extreme love for Hamlet dual nature of women fragile, naive, irrational: a typical girlsih character

2.4.2. Gertrude Queen of Denmark mother of Hamlet King Claudius' wife main representation of the dual nature of women

2.4.3. Hamlet Getrude's son nephew to the present king Claudius relation with Ophelia psycological complexity of Hamlet revenge

2.4.4. Horatio Hamlet's friend Witnesses King Hamlet's gost tells Hamlet's story, restoring his name

2.5. Plot

2.5.1. Hamlet's effort to avenge the murder of his father

2.5.2. Death as Leimotiv

2.5.3. Sexuality and incest

2.5.4. Characters' uncertainty


3.1. Main event: Gertrude is a religious woman and decides to become a Catholic nun after the death of her husband

3.1.1. Genre Elisabethan Comedy milestone of the Elisabethan love comedy

3.1.2. Background Aesop's fables many events with happy end

3.1.3. Characters Hamlet Hamlet is the King of Denmark His wife is Ophelia They are happy and have many children Ophelia Ophelia is the Queen of Denmark She is a clever Queen and loves her husband The Ghost The Ghost is a "latin lover" and has many women He loves the wife of Claudius, his brother He is the main character He lives with his family as a ghost and helps its members if necessary Claudius He loves his wife He is a simple man

3.1.4. Plot The gost has many women The gost tries to seduce Gertrude when she is already a nun All characters love something/someone (IOANNA'S UCHRONIA ATTEMPT) Some of the characters try to plot against others in the name of LOVE Some others love things (houses, clothes) more than people Finally some others die while risking their life in the name of love!

4. tragic revenge of prince hamlet by yucel tuzun

4.1. hamlet

4.1.1. a king to be quick in acting with a strong character a a king to be quick in acting a a king to be quick in acting a a king to be quick in acting a a king to be quick in acting

4.1.2. not waits till he gathers every piece of information a rather jump-into-conclusion type of character which will prepare his tragic fall

4.1.3. kills claudius when he is praying for forgiveness

4.1.4. kills polonius when he is listening to gertrude and hmalet's talk in her royal chamber

4.1.5. kills gertrude in her royal chamber when she is trying to prove that she is not involved

4.1.6. he is deeply in love with ophelia

4.1.7. kills laertes in the fight right after ophelia's suicide

4.1.8. commits suicide after killing laertes as he now believes that ophelia is right in claiming gertrude innocent

4.1.9. doesnt know anything about the murder

4.2. the ghost

4.2.1. thinks that gertrude knows the murder

4.2.2. wants that hamlet succeed and become the new king with his wife ophelia

4.3. gertrude

4.3.1. in love with claudius

4.4. ophelia

4.4.1. in love with hamlet

4.4.2. owing to her father,polonius,knows that gertrude doesnt know anything as to the murder

4.4.3. commits suicide when she learns her love hamlet has killed his own innocent mum

4.4.4. hates her own father as he is involved in the regicide

4.5. leartes

4.5.1. learns the reality from ophelia but does not back up hamlet in his revenge attempt

4.5.2. thinks that claudius will honour his father and himself by giving thme the title of sir

4.5.3. seeks power and wealth