Education Endowment

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Education Endowment by Mind Map: Education Endowment

1. College Preparation

1.1. The foundation will utilize funds to provide college preparation workshops and seminars

1.1.1. Workshops will provide students with a college mentor and advise them on expectations.

1.2. The foundation will partner with institutions of higher education to provide tours and camps

1.3. Will collaborate will corporations to offer specialized training, internships etc.

1.3.1. Corporations will serve as sponsors for events and lectures

1.4. The foundation will provide families with workshops on financial aid, money management and responsibility

2. Investment Portfolio

2.1. Families will make a monthly deposit into an investment account to be management by Foundation

2.1.1. Maximum amount needed to accumulate in the portfolio will be determined off forecast cost of attendance

2.1.2. Minimum amount investment each month would be based off family income

2.2. The foundation will match the funds invested by families dollar for dollar

2.2.1. Funds to match family contribution will come from money the organization makes from investments

2.3. Investments will be monitored and aggressively managed by certified financial analyst

2.3.1. A regional board of trustees will monitor accounts to ensure no fraud takes place The board of trustees will rotate regional locations annually

2.3.2. Investment accounts will be audited quarterly by accounts to deter fraudulent investment

2.4. Funds will be split between low risk stocks and bonds and high risk investments

2.4.1. Current stock brokers and analyze will manage investments

2.4.2. Funds will be spread out through various markets to ensure that large sums of money are not lost

3. Endowment for social good

3.1. Funds will be invested in organizations that are making a positive impact on society

3.1.1. Funds will be invested in non-profit organizations dedicated to education

3.2. Foundation will re-invest in sustainable programs and initiatives

3.2.1. Funds will be used to support efforts for reallocation of state funds towards higher education

3.3. Supplemental funds will be used to supply students with graduate scholarships or fellowships

3.3.1. Students do not need to have a portfolio with foundation to receive graduate scholarship or fellowship

3.4. Foundation will establish an emergency fund for each student that will enable them to borrow from account in case of emergencies

4. Incentive Program

4.1. The further students progress in their education the more money they receive

4.1.1. If student does not complete degree or drops out money will belong to foundation

4.2. Funds invested will continue to be invested until graduation

4.3. Once student reaches 18 yrs old money can utilized to fund college degree

4.3.1. Students will receive monthly stipends from funds in portfolio

4.4. After completion of Bachelors degree student will receive lump sum of investments earned.

4.4.1. The student will have the option to roll funds over into a personal portfolio

5. Customer Segment

5.1. Students that lack proper college preparation and funding

5.2. Families from low-income communities

5.3. Families that cannot afford the cost of college attendance but have the desire for children to obtain a college education

5.4. Low Socio-economic status

6. Value Proposition

6.1. Access to higher education

6.2. Opportunity to fund a college degree

6.3. An opportunity to transcend beyond current disadvantaged socio-economic status

6.4. To elevate community through education

7. Channels

7.1. Marketed through education systems

7.2. Reach out to families with children of age ranges of birth to 14 yrs

7.3. Foundation purpose delivered through lectures and seminars nationwide

7.4. Regional offices created to bring in clientele

8. Customer Relationships

8.1. Foundation creates life long mentor-ship with students and families

8.2. Foundation supports students through entire educational experience

8.3. Foundation will attempt to encourage a sustainable relationship with all families

8.4. Families and foundation will remain in constant contact from the initiation of the investment portfolio

8.5. Foundation officers will ensure that any concerns or issues are addressed immediately without hesitation

9. Revenue Streams

9.1. Investment funds will come from families

9.1.1. Maximum amount of investment will be determined off cost of attendance

9.1.2. Minimum amount invested will come from income level

9.2. Foundation will utilize money deposited to invest in a multitude of stocks and bonds

9.3. Foundation will use percentage of money earn to create a scholarship fund and cover operation cost

9.4. Foundation will market for private donors and partner with corporations for supplement funding

10. Key Resources

10.1. Marketing team

10.2. Partnerships with educational leaders and corporations

10.3. Financial Analysts and Certified Accountants

10.4. Human capital

11. Key Activities

11.1. Stock market analysis

11.2. Account monitoring and auditing

11.3. Marketing to students and families

11.4. Investment workshops and college preparation

12. Key Partners

12.1. Education leaders and officials

12.2. Stock brokers and financial analysts

12.3. Corporations willing to assist the community achieve an education

12.4. Colleges and universities nationwide

12.5. Low income families

12.6. Non-profit organizations dedicated to the improvement of education

13. Cost Structure

13.1. Marketing

13.2. Employee Salaries

13.3. Operating cost

13.4. Cost of investment trading

13.5. Travel expenses