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Learning Theories by Mind Map: Learning Theories

1. Constructivist

1.1. Learning takes place when knowledge is assimilated or accomodated.

1.2. Learning takes place because of interaction.

1.3. Among the factors that impact learning are cognitive styles, learning styles, and intelligence.

1.4. Youngsters will invest more time, energy, inner and outer attention, and meaning in knowledge when they create their own learning games.

2. Cognivist

2.1. Learning takes place when information enters the senses, is processed, stored, and used.

2.2. Learning is influenced by nonobservable and internal constructs, such as memory, motivation, perception, attention, and metacognitive skills.

2.3. Intrustion must consider the effects attention and perception and be based on individual learning needs and differences.

2.4. This learning strategy implements open-ended online games, puzzles, and simulations where students must apply existing knowledge in new ways.

3. Communication

3.1. Learning is said to have taken place when the student demonstrates what he or she understood what was communicated.

3.2. Some enviornmental factors that affect learning and communication are: loud noises, poor lighting, uncomfortable temperatures, and excessive movements.

3.3. Some personal filters and differences that affect the learning process are: cultural heritage, values, and beliefs.

4. Behaviorist

4.1. This perspective is the response to external stimuli that students learn in response to positive, negative, or no reinforcement.

4.2. Learning is a positive response to the enviornment and not necessarily the result of mental activity.

4.3. Learners should be provided explicit and planned stimuli, this is also known as the drill-and-practice method.

4.4. Older-style computer instruction and some newer apps and software programs present text and graphics carefully arranged, planned, and controlled by the machine. The primary objectives of this learning theory is memory building and information recall and the source of knowledge is the teacher or the machine and its software.