Law, Society and Ethics

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Law, Society and Ethics by Mind Map: Law, Society and Ethics

1. Trends in crime

1.1. internet crime

1.2. identity theft

1.3. phishing scams

2. The detection of crime

2.1. DNA testing

2.2. CCTV

2.2.1. individual privacy

3. Criminal Justice

3.1. fair to criminals?

3.2. Fair to victims?

3.3. Fair to society?

4. The causes of crime

4.1. geed and malice?

4.2. poor socialisation?

4.3. Depravation?

5. Tackling the causes of crime

5.1. How far should we engineer society?

6. Prisons

6.1. punishment, reform or both?

7. The police

7.1. trusted, impartial officers of law?

7.2. or a law unto themselves?

8. The courts

8.1. is an adversarial system the best?

8.2. Does trial by jury work?

9. Law and ethics

9.1. which is more important when they overlap?

10. opposing and changing the law

10.1. can we break bad laws to show their faults?