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Brain Gain by Mind Map: Brain Gain

1. ARGs Alternate Reality Games

2. How can games help us to "grow a good person?" (Prensky, M. 2019)

2.1. Stay in the Know

2.1.1. Follow our blog to never miss an important update, downtime warning or tutorial!

3. The only world the current generation has ever known is one in which complexity, change, and connection is rapidly accelerating (Prensky, M. 2019)

4. The "new context"

4.1. Increasingly powerful and ubiquitous technology (Prensky, M. 2019)

4.2. Technology supports pedagogy that supports globalized, product-oriented learning: using talents to improve lives .(Zhao, Y, 2014)

5. What do kids want? "To follow their own interests and passions and not be bored . . .and for everything they do not to be relevant or appropriate but real" (Prensky, M. 2019)

5.1. Make a database with Google Bookmarks to keep facts and statistics that help them develop a position on a real-world, global problem (Stobaugh, R., & Tassell, J. H. 2016)

5.2. Persuade others to pay attention to cause and effect consequences of a problem by using a mapping tool like (Gliffy Stobaugh, R., & Tassell, J. H. 2016)

6. capabilities enhanced by technology (Prensky, M. 2019)

6.1. Technology such as Screencast to show how to do something (Maxwell, M., Stobaugh, R., & Tassell, J. H. 2016): create a product, analyze an article for appeals or fallacies.

7. Change

7.1. "When society changes, we redefine the value of talents" e.g. agricultural society valued physical labor (Zhao, Y, 2014)

7.2. "Technology is foundational" (Prensky, M. 2019)

8. Technology for Higher Levels of Thinking (Blooms: Apply, Analyze, Create)

8.1. Connect learning to needs in the community and globally

8.2. Present a solution and explain on Brainshark Stobaugh, R., & Tassell, J. H. 2016)

8.3. Ask a question and vote on choices with Poll-daddy Stobaugh, R., & Tassell, J. H. 2016)