Entrepreneurial Culture Assignment 1

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Entrepreneurial Culture Assignment 1 by Mind Map: Entrepreneurial Culture Assignment 1

1. Entrepeneur

1.1. Organizes, manages and assumes risks of a business

1.2. Assuming significant personal risks in forming a business

2. Profits

2.1. Ambition in small dose

2.2. Money means little

3. Innovation and creation

3.1. Find events to spark entrepreneurship

3.2. Speak about their vision or idea in an enthusiastic way

4. Risks

4.1. Assumes risks of a business

4.2. Don`t take risks for the sake of taking risks

5. Inspiration

5.1. Have the belief that their best opportunitiy is to start, manage and own a company

5.2. They have mentors or people who inspires them

6. First steps

6.1. To build a business plan after an idea

6.2. Motivation for building a company

7. Both the presentation and the article talk about what does being an entrepreneur mean

8. If money is your first goal, entrepreneurship is not for you. Other things are more important.

9. Sometimes we try to imitate what the people we admire do, and it is okay, we just have to add our essence to it because that is the main purpose of the product/service that we´ll create.

10. There are many ways of starting up a company, but the first step is always the most difficult one, so we better make a business plan before taking risks

11. It is important to know that there are risks but it is also important to try to diminished those risks to the minimum

12. In order to obtain ideas to start up any business it is important to keep working on that, getting focused and different ideas will come up.