Should the U.S. legalize the use of marijuana?

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Should the U.S. legalize the use of marijuana? by Mind Map: Should the U.S. legalize the use of marijuana?

1. The legalization and regulation of marijuana would greatly benefit the economy

1.1. We can observe the statistics of states who have legalized to get an idea of how this could benefit the country as a whole

1.2. Not only would it bring in tax revenues, but create an abundance of full-time jobs everywhere

1.2.1. Approx. 18,000 jobs alone created in Colorado

1.3. Taxpayers would no longer be burdened with funding the arrest, imprisonment and minimum living fees for marijuana users

2. Marijuana as a medical option

2.1. Marijuana is becoming a trusted source of relief for patients

2.1.1. Marijuana has been thoroughly researched and tested, but has yet to be approved federally for medical purposes

2.2. Many patients having to travel across state lines to be able to legally experience a natural source of relief

2.3. There are two substances in marijuana scientists believe have substantial medical properties. Cannabidiol (CBD) — which seems to impact the brain without a high— and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — which has pain relieving (and other) properties.

2.3.1. Along with this is a lengthy list of physical and psychological issues that marijuana is known to relieve.

3. How would this effect criminal law

3.1. The huge amount of effort that goes into punishing marijuana users could go towards violent criminals/hard drug users

3.2. Would this create more room in overcrowded prisons?

3.3. Studies show that the legalization of medical marijuana alone decreased crime

3.4. Cannabis possession and use is a common first offense, so by making it legal, society keeps people out of this cycle of crime.

4. This would make marijuana safer to use and purchase

4.1. Despite it being illegal, marijuana is a widely used drug that is illegally purchased. Educating people about safe use and having it safely regulated by the government would ensure that people do not get caught in detrimental situations attempting to purchase and use in an illegal setting.

4.2. This would undermine cartels and would be seen as a good alternative to alcohol, which is more hazardous on the body