Online Learning Universe

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Online Learning Universe by Mind Map: Online Learning Universe

1. Instructor

1.1. K-12 Teacher, College Professor, Specialist, Trainer

1.1.1. Facilitator, content expert, technical supporter, Lesson planner, test proctor,

2. Learner

2.1. Peer participation and supporter, give feedback for instructors, Participate in assigned tasks

2.1.1. Professionals, K-12, Higher Ed, At risk, Homebound

3. Content and Learning Objectives

3.1. State Standards, Certification qualifications, Standardized Tests, Grade level curriculum.

3.1.1. Assignments, Assessments, Instruction,

4. Technology and Resources

4.1. Instructional Online portal/platform, Email, Laptops, Smart Phones, Software/Apps, Video, textbooks, required readings, web conference tools (Skype or blackboard),

5. Investors and Support

5.1. University/school district, Curriculum specialists, IT personal, teachers, administrators, Local professionals, financial support, Parents

6. Communication

6.1. Learner to Learner, Instructor to Learner, Learner to Instructor

6.1.1. Teleconferences, email, video conferences, forums, surveys, shared documents,

7. Setting/Environment

7.1. Blended distance learning and Wholly online learning

7.1.1. Classroom, Online portal, Library, Home, Work, Mobile phone,

8. Mayer's Principles

8.1. Multimedia, Modality, Continuity, Redundancy, etc.

9. Accessibilty

9.1. Meeting the needs of all learners. ex audio, text, graphics, transcripts, closed captioning, HTML formatting, read aloud features, etc.