Advantages ; can be flexible the use of it . Disadvantages; can be confusing, limited option.

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Advantages ; can be flexible the use of it . Disadvantages; can be confusing, limited option. by Mind Map: Advantages ; can be flexible the use of it . Disadvantages; can be confusing, limited option.

1. It is a great tool to outline the ideas of a project. Learners can map out all the specific topics they may want to cover in their project (e.g. a research project) , this way they organize their ideas more effectively.(Gabby)

2. Limitations

2.1. Quantity of maps per user

2.2. You have to pay for some features

2.3. It is not possible to add images

2.4. It is not possible to download or print

2.5. Flow of ideas may seem disorganized

2.6. Students may focus on quantity rather than quality

2.7. It is simple and doesn´t allow to add things to create a shinning project (Juan José)

2.8. If you make it without knowing the goal and the target group, most people do not understand what the midmeister is about. (Viviana)

2.9. By not using,color and images and organic lines, the mindmeister won´t work for the right brain people. (Viviana)

2.10. It doesn't allow you to upload images or videos which could help users understand tasks better (Jerson)

2.11. Depending on how clear your instructions are it can be confusing for sts to understand the task. (Jerson)

2.12. It is not possible to uploaded videos or images. (Laura R)

2.13. If you want to upload pictures, you need to have the upgrade version. (Gabby)

2.14. People have to be careful when editing an idea, for the content could be easily deleated. Gabby)

2.14.1. Organizing the mindmap can sometimes be chaotic. People have to get used on how to use the "connecting ideas" tool correctly. (Gabby)

2.15. Editing has to be done carefully to avoid eliminating previously added content. (YR)

2.16. Instructions need to be specific and clear to end up with the expected result. (YR)

2.17. It cannot be denied that when it comes to technology, internet access is a disadvantage, especially for students to be able to have access this tool. (Cindy U.)

2.17.1. Another negative point that I could mention is that it is very simple, and it only allows you to have 3 free /mindmeisters, if you want to create more, you must pay.

3. One of the advantages is that mindminster is highly accesible; you can use any electronic device. Also mindmeinster can be regularly update. Chris Cruz

4. One disadvantge is that you it can be a little messy. Lots of information without organization. (Maureen Guevara)

5. I think people should be careful when using it. It is easy to delete ideas. I really think it is not that easy to use. (Maureen Guevara)

6. One disdavantage is that mindmeinster can be manipulated by anybody, so nobody knows who does the changes, and sometimes it can be unreliable. chris Cruz

7. I don't think Mindmeister is user-friendly nor attractive for young learners. I would rather use a Google Drive Document for this. (Carlos Loría)

8. I think a limitation is that you can have just three mindmaps on your profile without paying. If you want to have more you have to pay for it. Another limitation is that it is not attractive for people do not like to do Mind Maps, so it is nos accesible for everybody. ( María Elena)

9. An advantage for people who likes mindmaps this tool is really usefull. It is attractive and you can have your ideas well organized. (María Elena)

10. It is easy and friendly to use. Wen can apply some homeworks or some tasks to use it in class (María Elena)

11. I find it a little bit difficult to move through the working canvas. It can get messy and it is easy to get lost in it or to lose valuable work here. (Xinia Nagygeller)

12. I think that the tool is useful to organize information in a mind map format, which is useful to summarize information effectively. (Xinia Nagygeller

13. One advantage is that learners can collaborate with each other in creating the mind maps and contributing with information to complete a task together. (Xinia Nagygeller)

14. I do not personally find the tool attractive. It lacks colors, patterns and other visual effects and complements that may make the maps more appealing to the eye as is true for other similar tools in the web. (Xinia Nagygellér)

15. A limitation of Mindmeister is that you cannot use some features unless you have the paid version. Also, pictures cannot be added and as many of this kind of tools, it can be shared publicly online, but you cannot download it. (Xinia Nagygeller)

16. In my personal opinion, this app is not as attractive as the others. First ,the layout is not very appealing; as some colleagues have already mentioned, it lacks color and all those little details of graphic design that easily capture our attention. On top of that, there isn't much that you can do without upgrading, which means you got to pay. However, it can be a good tool, especially for the writing courses, but it can be quite useful for a speaking or grammar class as well. The clue is to let your creativity flow and take advantage of the tool. (Zeidy Montero)