What is Technology?

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What is Technology? by Mind Map: What is Technology?

1. What I tough before

1.1. I typically imagined that technology has physical appearance such as machines, cellphones and computers which are usually associated with scientific technology.

1.2. There is a strong link between technology and innovation, because human beings have been developed societies by inventing various technologies.

2. What I think now

2.1. After I read the article and watched the video in the course contents, the definition of technology has been changed involving invisible aspect

2.1.1. “A modern view emphasises the coherence of technology and knowledge and points out that technology transfer is not achievable without knowledge transfer, as knowledge is a key to controlling technology as whole” (Li-Hua2004).

2.2. Cave painting which is the first history recording of humans also can be defined as technology; because, humans implemented a distinctive tool to record or draw their history, while the other species did not implemented any kind of tools.

2.2.1. Kelly states "With the invention of language around 50,000 years ago,the number of humans exploded, and very quickly became the dominant speicies on the planet with a very small amount of technology" (TED Conferences, 2009).

2.3. Supporting Paragraph

2.3.1. - Societies have been grown up with those kinds of questions asking how people can improve themselves with technology. eg. Facebook and Instagram are making social network relationships.

2.3.2. - Technology is creating innovative business for humans "Innovative technologies have enormous potential to improve human well-being”(Fung, 2015).

2.3.3. - Knowledge can be a good facilitator to improve their social system. “Knowledge is closely related to technology since the pure disposal of technology is not sufficient for successful implementation. In the majority of cases, especially in complex technology, knowledge (particularly tacit knowledge), is required for a successful international technology transfer”(Li-Hua, 2007)

3. Conclusion

3.1. The definition of technology can have not only physical feature but also psychological feature.

3.2. Technologies which have creative idea can change the world dynamically as development of internet technology has been changed our communities dramatically.

3.2.1. However, when people combine knowledge with technology, people need to deal with the technology carefully; because, some knowledge or ideology can be abused for immoral situations eg. Human cloning technology “Tacit knowledge transfer is often intentionally blocked because people understand the significance of tacit knowledge” (Li-Hua2007).

4. Why Mindmeister is creative to me?

4.1. I have never tried “Mindmeister” before, so the program can help me to get a motivation related to definition of technology.

5. References

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