Classroom Size / Budget Cuts / Students outcome in learning

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Classroom Size / Budget Cuts / Students outcome in learning by Mind Map: Classroom Size / Budget Cuts / Students outcome in learning

1. How do children benefit from classroom size?

1.1. Students are able to focus better in smaller classrooms.

1.2. Students are able to ask for help more often when they need it.

1.3. There are more activities in which students can participate in smaller classrooms.

1.4. Overall, students can engage in learning better in a smaller classroom setting.

1.5. The students have better relationships with teachers.

2. How do teachers benefit from classroom size?

2.1. Teachers have a more flexible spending budget.

2.2. Teachers are able to give more students one on one help.

2.3. Teachers can branch out on the curriculum.

2.4. Student and teachers relationships are better.

3. What factors contribute to increased/ decreased classroom size?

3.1. One factor is budget cuts.

3.2. Another factor is lack of resources.

3.3. One factor could be size of school in general.

3.4. One other factor could be the student to teacher ratio.

4. What helps student learn better in certain classroom settings?

4.1. As long as each student have their own book this should increase learning outcomes.

4.2. Hands on activities can help the visual learners adapt and learn better.

4.3. Students have easier access to supplies when needed.

4.4. The teachers are able to focus more on individual students and as a whole.