Social Skill-Laying the foundation for success

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Social Skill-Laying the foundation for success by Mind Map: Social Skill-Laying the foundation for success

1. Meaning

1.1. Behaviors

1.1.1. Promote positive interaction Showing Communicating with others Empathy Participation Helpfulness Negotiation Problem solving

2. Methods

2.1. Arrange the environment to promote positive social skill

2.1.1. Areas Large A space to play Small For interaction

2.1.2. Toys Promote creative play Always available

2.1.3. Learning materials Encourage cooperative play Pretend cars Blocks Imaginary foos

2.1.4. Less competition

2.2. Enhance social functioning through play

2.2.1. Building blocks

2.2.2. Role playing

2.2.3. Play center Real objects Writing material Dress-up clothing

2.2.4. Using Turn-taking Sharing toys

2.3. Build on teachable moments

2.3.1. Teacher shows childern How to share How to negotiate

2.3.2. Classroom opportunity to teach Sharing in work Thanking

3. Prevent inappropriate behaviors

3.1. Cause-effect of problem behaviors

3.1.1. Attack attention

3.1.2. Negative role model

3.1.3. Create situation Hurt Not safe

3.2. Ways to aviod

3.2.1. Plan for transition Showing signal before end Sing or chant Set a timer More free play

3.2.2. Offer choices Making choices Limited Safe Appropriate Promote Responsibility Group setting

4. Teach social skills

4.1. Promote peer learning

4.1.1. Learning by observing others

4.1.2. Grouping children in activities

4.1.3. Examples Children with difficulty Seat her between two socially peer Encourage children with strong social skill

4.2. Tell social stories

4.2.1. Processes 1. Set target skill 2. Create a story 3. Read story 4. Role playing 5. Reminds children to use skill

4.2.2. Assist a young disable child

4.2.3. Five-to-seven sentence format

4.3. Explore story books

4.3.1. Developmental bibliotherapy Address issues

4.3.2. Children's literature Options Behaviors Feelings Children perspective

4.3.3. Picture books Interesting Appropriate