Reading the Wind and Mirage

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Reading the Wind and Mirage by Mind Map: Reading the Wind and Mirage

1. This is what we know

2. Preliminary Marksmanship

3. Inconsistencies in the wind

3.1. Drift Smoke

3.2. Feel on the Face

3.3. Moves Leaves

3.4. Blowing dust/paper

4. What about the bracketing method

4.1. To many variables to be accurate

4.2. Such a small difference going around the bracket

5. Marksmanship

5.1. FM 3-22.9

5.2. Steady Poition

5.3. Aiming

5.4. Breathing

5.5. Trigger Squeeze

6. Are we Snipers?

7. Who does this apply to?

8. Good information to apply once you have the basic fundamentals down

9. Mirage is very difficult to track direction

9.1. Hard to see which direction

9.2. Wont work if you don't have a scope

9.3. Only works in the daytime

9.4. Only works in warm weather

10. Do we really need all this?

11. Live Fire Exercise