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Marksmanship by Mind Map: Marksmanship

1. Basic Rifle Marskmenship

2. What do I need to teach ?

3. Fundimentals

4. What do I not need to teach?

5. Sniper

6. Shooting with a scope

7. Iron sights

8. adjusted point of aim

9. Brathing

10. trigger squeze

11. Steady position

12. Function of rifle

13. loading unloading

14. weapons safty

15. Sight picture

16. sight alignment

17. safe to semi

18. advanced windage

19. shooting at past 300 meters

20. Kentucky wind-age

21. Time on Target

22. Shooting one target at a time

23. What level is your audience ?

24. Special equipment, rifle and scope

25. Skill level needs to be high

26. Army standard

27. The time it takes to teach

28. Need to be subject matter expert to teach.

29. Learners may not understand the subject due to lake of knowledge.

30. Multiple targets, targets move up and down. Targets have a short amount of time that they are exposed.