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Discussions by Mind Map: Discussions

1. Set a Time Limit for each of your groups

1.1. It keeps the group focus

1.2. Sets a goal

1.3. Makes it simple to transition

2. Small Group Discussions

2.1. More personal Discussion

2.2. Narrows the topic

2.3. Easier for the message to reach others

2.4. Allows deeper thinking

2.5. Build up questions for the larger group

3. How to establish critical thinking prior a discussion?

3.1. Formulate questions for the groups

3.2. Introduce a ethical dilema

4. Large Group Discussions

4.1. More topics going at once

4.2. Quantity is Quality

4.3. Information could get lost

4.4. Multiple angles

5. What discussions bring to the table???

5.1. Different points of view

5.2. Better understanding

5.3. Putting yourself on someone else's shoes