is there a connection between violent video games and real world violence

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is there a connection between violent video games and real world violence by Mind Map: is there a connection between violent video games and real world violence

1. there is aconnection between videogame violence and real world violence

1.1. Playing videogames are bad for you

1.1.1. The effects aren't huge or immediately noticeable by a game player, but they tend to increase over time, says professor Craig A. Anderson, director of the Center for the Study of Violence at Iowa State University. "If you smoke a cigarette, you don't feel cancer beginning to form,"(Gaming) this matters because it acccuratly shows a good crrolation between smoking and video games

1.1.2. Psychologists Craig Anderson, Douglas Gentile, and Katherine Buckley, found that the kids who played more violent video games "changed over the school year to become more verbally aggressive, more physically aggressive," and less helpful to others.(Gaming) this means that violent video games can embed the tendencies of the video game inside the kid

1.2. because there have been studies that show there is a correlation

1.3. because playing video games releases Adrenalin and violent chemicals

1.4. playing video games contribute to making children violent

1.4.1. "a part of the brain that controls memories and emotions. (That's why people who have been victims of crimes or soldiers who have fought in battles often relive terrible events as part of what doctors call post-traumatic stress" (disorder.)(Gaming) this connects by saying that video games can trigger the same kind off reaction like ptsd

1.4.2. "Violent games and movies activate areas of the brain associated with aggression, particularly the amygdalae and the limbic system" (Gaming ) this makes me think what part off the brain is it activating and what does this pat of the brain do?

2. no there is not a connection between video games and violence

2.1. because there have been studies shown that say they don't correlate, and the ones that say they do are outdated

2.2. videogames are not related to violence.

2.2.1. . Ubiquitous antigame crusader Jack Thompson raised the specter on CNN. Dr. Phil played the blame game on Larry King Live. "The mass murderers of tomorrow are the children of today that are being programmed with this massive violence overdose," he said.(Violent) this matters because it shows evidence that Dr.Phil and jack Thompson have only used opinions instead of facts to slander games

2.2.2. David Kusher the author off violent video games do not cause aggression states that ¨with sensational media and political distortion in the way, getting to the truth of the research is the trickiest game of all¨ (Violent) it means that ACLU believes that it is slandering and uncalled for to talk bad about a harmless game

2.2.3. Besides, the games' combative content isn't anything most teens haven't seen before, others argue.(Violent) this connects to the view point by saying things we see in video games we have already seen before in TV shows movies or litterateur

2.2.4. Justice Antonin Scalia pointed out that even fairy tales are violent. In the original version of "Hansel and Gretel," for example, the children kill the witch by baking her in an oven.(Violent) this kind off makes me think why people don't ever take into account that books being given to kids at a very young age can be just as bad as video games.

2.3. video games aren't bad for you

2.4. because violent games cant get there tendencies stuck in your head