will the ability to carry concealed firearms on campus stop violence?

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will the ability to carry concealed firearms on campus stop violence? by Mind Map: will the ability to carry concealed firearms on campus stop violence?

1. Guns on campus might scare other students if they know someone could have a gun on them.

2. If the carrier was not the brightest and somehow managed to pass the test he could theoretically hurt someone on accident.

3. The author says "The shootings that have recently occurred have stirred up a debate about how to prevent such violence" (David).

3.1. The author states "the use of a gun in self-defense appears to be a rare occurrence" and found that of the "30,694 Americans who died by gunfire in 2005, only 147 were killed by firearms in justifiable homicides by private citizens"...(David).

3.1.1. The author found that "Suicides accounted for 55 percent of the nation's nearly 31,000 firearms deaths in 2005", (David). Maybe they should worry about fixing suicide instead of trying to get rid of guns.Because suicide seems like the bigger variable in this claim

3.1.2. It maybe be rare but better safe than sorry.

4. The author said "Sexual assault and rape could possibly cause more violence if guns were involved" (Lauren).

4.1. The author doubts that "arming young women will actually prevent sexual violence and overall violence against women" Because the success rate is pitifully low (Lauren).

4.1.1. The author claims that "Sexual assault and rape are violent crimes that might only turn more violent in the long run when guns are involved" (Lauren). This claim is theoretical

4.1.2. The success rate could be higher if these women were trained better.

5. Guns on campus do not make things safer.

6. Guns on campus do make things safer.

6.1. The author said "schools who prevent concealed carry on campus are setting themselves up for dangerous criminals" (Darby).

6.1.1. The author found that "colleges have not seen a single resulting incident of a student under the influence of drugs or alcohol using or brandishing a weapon on campus" (Darby). This shows that people who carry concealed weapons are responsible.

6.1.2. The author states that "it also assumes that students would be made more uncomfortable by the presence of guns on campus than they are by the presence of guns off campus" (Darby). How are people supposed to know if they have a gun? its concealed so therefore do not worry about it.

6.2. Guns on campus make everyone safer because it provides the most effective way of self protection and it will not only make you safe but others safe.

6.3. The author says that "in the virginia tech shooting,It took several hours Before officals were able stop the criminal" (Students).

6.3.1. The author states "it took More than two hours to stop the man with police still on campus, the perpetrator entered Norris Hall and began murdering more students"(Students). If someone had a concealed weapon they could have stopped the killer and saved many lives.

6.3.2. The author says that "In nine minutes he killed 32 people and wounded 15 traumatizing a whole campus and leaving an entire nation to grieve" (Students). Many people would still be alive if they had a concealed weapon.

6.4. Guns on campus will ward off attackers and are less likely to attack.