How should we prevent school shootings?

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How should we prevent school shootings? by Mind Map: How should we prevent school shootings?

1. We need to create better enviroments in school

1.1. Gun control won't make schools safer

1.1.1. Paraphrase: Places with strict gun control laws are more dangerous than ones with less strict laws(Malcolm)

1.1.2. Quote: In localities where right-to-carry laws were enacted, communities saw a decline in murder rates and instances of other violent crimes(Malcolm)

1.2. Schools are toxic enviroments for kids

1.2.1. Quote: Although there is no way to stop all such attacks, the avenues of prevention should cut more deeply through schools, families, the mental health system and the small-town and suburban communities where most school shootings occur(Price)

1.2.2. the stultifying effects of a school culture that is widely acknowledged as nasty and brutish, conformist and repressive—and, all too often, brazenly anti-intellectual.(Gillespie)

2. We need better security and gun control

2.1. Better security can prevent school shootings

2.1.1. Quote: some countries with strict gun control laws, such as Japan, experience very little violence as a result of criminal use of firearms(Malcolm)

2.2. Lack of gun control is the problem; not mental illness

2.2.1. Paraphrase: Many people belive that mentally ill people are dangerous, but studies show that poor, male drug addicts are infinitly more likely to commit crimes compared to the mentally ill(Konnikova)

2.2.2. Quote: Mental illness is easy to blame, easy to pinpoint, and easy to legislate against in regard to gun ownership.(Konnikova)