What is the relationship between gun laws and the prevention of school shootings?

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What is the relationship between gun laws and the prevention of school shootings? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between gun laws and the prevention of school shootings?

1. Guns on college campuses make students safer.

1.1. David Burnett, the director of public relations for Students for Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC), states that no teachers should be denied the right to defend themselves if they are worthy enough to receive a licence to carry a gun (Burnett).

1.1.1. Burnett explains, "...each of these attacks had one thing in common, they all occurred under the same banner: 'gun-free zone'" (Burnett). This means that gun-free zones are the places that the attacks were made because the people who were responsible for the attacks knew before hand that no one would have a gun to defend themselves therefore making that school an easy target.

1.1.2. According to Burnett, "After Colorado became a shall-issue Right-to-Carry state in 2003" the University then allowed guns on campus, because of this "the school's crime rate has steadily declined ever since, dropping from 800 crimes in 2002 to 200 in 2008" (Burnett). This matters because it shows the decrease in crime rate with guns being around and accessible, proving that having guns around can help decrease the crime rate.

1.2. Abdul Saeed, a teacher at the Army Public School and Degree College says that after a brutal attack there are now guns on its campus reassuring students of their safety (Saifi).

1.2.1. Saifi says "They would look to the door every time they heard a sound...now when they see me wearing a gun, they need not worry and can focus on the task at hand, which is to educate themselves"(Saifi). This evidence connects to the viewpoint because the fact that their teacher has a gun within reach makes them feel safer.

1.2.2. According to Saifi, "Around 20 female teachers have already received training from Inspector Rozia Altaf"(Saifi). This piece of evidence makes me think that if this school already has 20 teachers taking gun classes without any problems then others schools should be able to do the same thing.

1.3. Because states that are allowing concealed carry on campuses have seen crime rates have gone down.

1.4. Because if the people committing the attack know that these people have guns to defend themselves they will be less likely to attack that campus.

2. Guns on college campuses do not make students safer.

2.1. Darby Dickerson, the dean of Texas Tech University, explains that the different qualities of university campuses may make the presence of guns a complex problem even though people have the right to to carry a gun (Dickerson).

2.1.1. Darby Dickerson, explains "...research has shown that the brains of most college students have not fully developed with regard to impulse control and judgment; therefore, allowing students access to guns could actually increase reckless shooting incidents" (Dickerson). This means that college students that can legally own guns should not own guns because their brains are not developed all the way.

2.1.2. A study conducted by the U.S. Secret Service, Department of Education, and F.B.I. reports "In response to the Virginia Tech shooting...272 incidents" of violence were noted including different forms of violence ¨ranging from domestic violence to mass murder...the perpetrators killed 281 people and injured 247 more... the perpetrators used guns 54% of the time" (Dickerson). This connects to the viewpoint because it proves that since guns are used a lot of the time to cause harm then they should not be added to the environment of a college campus where problems may arise.

2.2. Weldon states that, Including firearms in school will only make the gun violence problem even more complected than it already is (Weldon).

2.2.1. Weldon suggests that "there are an estimated 300 million guns in the United States" and "even if strict gun control laws are passed, they won't limit access to weapons available to criminals¨ if anything ¨the result would merely be that more guns would be owned illegally" (Weldon). This matters because if we do eliminate all guns it wouldn't matter because more and more guns would be sold illegally.

2.2.2. Weldon explains that even in foreign countries such as "Greece, the number of unregistered guns in the 2003 survey was 350,000...By 2005, the Greek government¨ found that ¨estimated unregistered guns was at 1.5 million" (Weldon). This makes me think that if foreign countries are having the same problem then we should work together to think of a solution.

2.3. Because the brain is not fully developed.

2.4. Because guns have been used in the past to cause harm and fear.