Reading the Wind

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Reading the Wind by Mind Map: Reading the Wind

1. How fast is the wind

2. How do I judge the wind speed

3. Is there different effects with increased range?

4. What direction is the wind coming from?

5. What tools do I have?

6. What if my target is moving

7. Can you manage a shot in sever wind conditions?

8. Can different weapons effect how accurate wind calculations must be?

9. Can the distance effect how wind is figured into a shot?

10. Is there a distance too short to worry about wind?

11. Does reading the wind apply to pistols?

12. What if I am shooting from low ground to high ground?

13. What if I am shooting from high ground to low ground?

14. Does different ammo change the effect of wind?

15. What is MOA (minute of angle)?

16. Do I use a spotter to judge my wind?

17. Does my scope magnification matter?

18. Why was here ammo box a non-tactical blue color?

19. When does a targets range become impossible to engage?

20. What if I don't have a scope?

21. Is this only used for long range marksmenship?