What is the connection between mental illness and school shootings?

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What is the connection between mental illness and school shootings? by Mind Map: What is the connection between mental illness and school shootings?

1. Addressing mental illness can prevent school shootings.

1.1. Students who have mental illness and do not get help from parents and teachers are often involved in school violence because they are isolated. ( Price )

1.1.1. "A sociologist who studies school shootings says that, although there is no way to stop all such attacks, the avenues of prevention should cut more deeply through schools, families, the mental health system and the small-town and suburban communities where most school shootings occur." This quote makes me think that school shootings can be prevented starting with family being aware of the incident.

1.1.2. "Newman, a dean at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, said those who became killers were usually first misfits, often scrawny and less physically mature than most of the peers with whom they compete for attention." This quote means that most school shooters were less athletic, smaller people who were picked on by bigger, more popular people.

1.2. 1 in 4 children and teens has a mental health issue at some point, but less than 25 percent receive treatment. (Price)

1.2.1. "We do know that other teens and young adults who were involved in other shootings were dealing with mental illness." This quote matters because mental illness is the source of school shootings .

1.2.2. "When we leave them isolated, what are they doing?" This quote shows that school shooters can be planning there attack whike they`re alone.

1.3. Because he believes that addressing mental illness will prevent school shootings.

1.4. Because research shows that mental illness is leading to school shootings.

2. Addressing mental illness wont prevent school shootings

2.1. Mental illness is easy to blame, easy to pinpoint, and easy to legislate against in regard to gun ownership. But that doesn't mean that it is the right place to start in an attempt to curtail violence. (Konnikova)

2.1.1. In general, we seem to believe that violent behavior is connected to mental illness. (Swanson) This quote makes me think that there could be another reason for mental illness.

2.1.2. " Are gun violence and mental illness really so tightly intertwined?" (Swanson) This quote means that they could not be intertwined.

2.2. When mass shooters strike, speculations about their mental health—sometimes borne out, sometimes not—are never far behind. It seems intuitive that someone who could do something terrible must be, in some sense, insane. (Konnikova)

2.2.1. "According to two recent Gallup polls, from 2011 and 2013, more people believe that mass shootings result from a failure of the mental health system than from easy access to guns." (Swanson) This quote means that mass shootings only occur when people have access to guns.

2.2.2. "Eighty percent of the population believes that mental illness is at least partially to blame for such incidents." (Swanson) This quote tells me that mental illness is the reason for the shootings.

2.3. The author says this because he believes that mental illness will not stop school shootings.

2.4. The author says this because research shows that mental illness is not always the cause for school shootings.