Are video games good to play ?

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Are video games good to play ? by Mind Map: Are video games good to play ?

1. Cons of playing video game is that it might make someone more desensitized to real world violence and become more aggressive

1.1. Game desensitize player to real world violence (Drinka).

1.1.1. Researchers found out that the more children played violent games, the less empathy they manifested, and the more likely they were to demonstrate aggression in a laboratory setting.(George Drinka) I admit after I play a game its usually followed by me not caring for other except my family

1.1.2. Researchers found that the locus-coeruleus norepinephrine system's, activity becomes suppressed when these youths are playing violent games but not while playing nonviolent ones.(George Drinka) I dont know about this I dont really think it affects that part of the brain

1.2. People play games a lot also have a lot of attention problems (Zubrzycki).

1.2.1. researchers looked at students' school performance and demographic factors, such as gender and family-income level. They concluded that attention problems were more associated with time spent playing video games than with demographic factors.(Zubrzycki) I think this is true since a lot of the time when I play a game I usually for get what I was going to do tomorrow

1.2.2. Researchers from Iowa State University, the Institute of Mental Health in Singapore, and the National Institute of Education in Singapore studied Singaporean children, ages 8 to 17 "about their video game use and their attention and impulsivity" and found significant correlation between game play and symptoms of ADHD (Zubrzycki). to me its believable however i've never seen this happen to me or anyone in my life time

1.3. Because they had a study to see what happens when you play games for a prolonged time

1.4. Because Its shown when young children are introduced to violent game they seem more aggressive

2. Pros is that video games prove to improve hand and eye coordination and helps cope with anxiety

2.1. Games can help decrease real world crime.

2.1.1. Playing game can help decrease aggression science playing a competitive game or playing with friends help ease aggression.(Ronald) When I play a game with friends it bring me joy to see them having fun and us all cooperating

2.1.2. Video games can help decrease real world violence when someone whats to murder someone else they can just murder pixels instead since they are more interested in murdering pixels than actually killing someone else (Ronald) I can see this happening, since people would be more interested in their favorite game coming out than actually killing someone

2.2. Game can help us connect with each other and make meaningful personal connections (Anastasia Wythe)

2.2.1. Connecting and socializing with other gamers online it, can help people with anxiety overcome some of the issues they struggle with every day. (Anastasia Wythe) This is true I usually will play a game and itll help me forget about the worry's of life.

2.2.2. when we play we are all one community we share our gaming experiences and socialize (Anastasia Wythe) I admit a lot of my friend do this on any game we will usually show footage of what happend

2.3. Because A study shows that the increase in game sales correlates to actual crime in the area.

2.4. Because Since games are now multiplayer a lot of people and friends can share and talk connecting with each other