Do people benefit from the internet or is it just frying our brain as we speek?

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Do people benefit from the internet or is it just frying our brain as we speek? by Mind Map: Do people benefit from the internet or is it just frying our brain as we speek?

1. Social Media does not hurt Americans at all it actually helps people be informed more

1.1. Research has found that %87 of people said the internet helps them and keeps them informed better.According to people the internet doesn't change there mind negatively (Johnson).

1.1.1. Chandra Johnson states ""I hear people saying they're so happy to be able to get information so quickly. Overall, that's a good thing," Weinberger said. "What you used to have to do to get information now sounds Medieval. Now, you pull out a mobile phone and get an answer" (Johnson). This quote is very true because we can learn so many topics online by searching up one word where if we were reading we would have to search for multiple books which is very time consuming then read to find what we want.

1.1.2. Chandra Johnson explains "A new survey from the Pew Research Center found that the majority of Americans say they do not feel overwhelmed by how much information they can get online. Instead, they say they've benefited from it" (Johnson). This quote means people don't feel over informed online and feels as if it's helping them.

1.2. Facebook explains people are benefiting from messenger and it is making communication better.People also are using the internet to be informed on today's most important information (Blumenthal).

1.2.1. Eli Blumenthal states "Want to poll your friends about dinner plans? How about recoup the money you laid out for your friends' movie tickets? Facebook Messenger has got you" (Blumenthal). This quote shows that Facebook online is making it easier to talk to people quickly like texts so you can use it fastly maybe at a red light or while sitting in line for food.

1.2.2. Eli Blumenthal explains "Facebook announced Thursday it is rolling out polling and money prompt features to its popular messaging app, new features that are part of Messenger's drive to become a central online hub for people's daily activities and interactions" (Blumenthal). This quote shows that Facebook online is making it easier not only to communicate but to do other tasks such as sharing money.

1.3. Facebook is benefiting people through the interactivity and the messanger services because it makes widespread information spread easier and quickly.

1.4. Internet is benefiting people through there daily lives because it is giving everyone a easy source of information on anything you ever could think of.

2. Social Media is addictive and can lead to physiological disorders

2.1. Research suggests that addiction from the internet is linked to the rewards you get online.Social networking over usage can lead to sleep deprivation and problems in real life relationships (Rosen).

2.1.1. Larry D. Rosen a writer for Greenhaven Press feels as if "However, overuse is not the only important part of being addicted to technology, nor is it even a defining feature of addiction" and found that "An addict so experiences withdrawal, tolerance, interpersonal and/or health problems, and time management problems" (Rosen). This quote is a extreme exaggeration, even though these statements can be happen a little bit true they aren't as bad as it explains.

2.1.2. In the article Social Networking Is Addictive And Can Lead To Physiological Disorders, Author Larry D. Rosen says "Researchers have noted that the consequences of technology addiction are similar to the consequences of chemical addictions such as drugs or alcohol and can include financial problems, job loss, and relationship breakdowns" (Rosen). This quote is another exaggeration because video games and online usage is not going to alter your mind as if alcohol and drugs would and it also will not make you quit your job you may just think about it more.

2.2. Excessive internet use has affected the time spent reading and instead of wanting to learn and fantasize in there books we rather watch TV (Efe).

2.2.1. Toboro Efe says "My concern is for the younger generation as these days, sights and sound has taken over the serenity that goes with reading. People don't want to read but want to watch television" (Efe). This quote is true because we don't want to read books because no one find white pages with black words amusing anymore.Instead of imagining things we can actually relive them in video games and online.

2.2.2. Toboro Efe suggests "calling on the National Orientation Agency (NOA), to mount sustained campaigns on the need for students to develop a strong bond with their books, and also make conscious efforts to imbibe reading culture, while scaling down number of productive hours spent on social media" (Efe). This matters because countries are calling out people wanting them to connect with books and take time off the TV although this isn't very likely to happen.

2.3. Internet is taking away time from reading because it's leading rival TV plays such a big role in entertainment.

2.4. Online surfacing is leading to sleep deprivation and relationship problems because everyone wants the rewards they can find online.