what relationship does bullying contribute to school shooting?

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what relationship does bullying contribute to school shooting? by Mind Map: what relationship does bullying contribute to school shooting?

1. Dylan Klebold as bullies rather than victims, Kalman insists that school shooters do not commit mass killings because they want to bully people, but because they feel like victims. To fight bullying, Kalman argues that we must understand that we are all bullies and victims, it just depends from whose point of view we are looking (Kay).¨

1.1. What a relief, then, to discover that these monsters were after all, bullies, and not victims. With this new characterization of the Columbine killers as bullies, we can continue on our anti-bully witch hunt unencumbered by doubt (Kay).¨

1.2. The article talks about a new book, Columbine, by Dave Cullen. The book paints the Columbine killers as full of rage; paranoid; cold-blooded, predatory psychopaths; and super-terrorists. This sure makes them sound like bullies (Kay).¨

2. "The great majority of school shootings are perpetrated by victims of bullying (Kay).¨

2.1. Amazingly, no matter how many events are screaming in our faces, "PEOPLE WHO COMMIT HORRIFIC ACTS FEEL LIKE VICTIMS," we refuse to get the message and intensify our campaign against bullies (Kay).¨

2.2. The anti-bully establishment couldn't have been happier with this story. The idea that Harris and Klebold are victims has been a thorn in the side of the anti-bully movement (Kay).¨

3. "The laws and programs designed to ensure [a school shooting like the one at Columbine] would never happen again were based on shaky foundations (Kay)."

3.1. Hymowitz argues, unproven anti-bullying programs create wasteful and ineffective bureaucracies to address concerns that are the responsibility of parents and educators (Kay).

3.2. It turns out that a lot of what we thought caused Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to kill and maim so many was wrong—and that the laws and programs designed to ensure it would never happen again were based on shaky foundations. Almost immediately after the killings, news stories described a school environment dominated by athlete-bullies (Kay).

4. Bullying contributes to school shooting.

4.1. because they feel like victims.

4.2. because they want to bully people

5. Blaming school shooting on bullying can cause more harm than good.

5.1. because they were outcast victims of bullyings

5.2. because they suffered from mental illnesses that drove them to kill.

6. The theory launched thousands of anti-bullying conferences, grant applications, curricula, programs, workshops and videos, along with the careers of researchers and consultants. Even the most hard-stretched communities somehow found the funds to get at the putative root cause of school violence (Kay).

6.1. "Columbine High School is a culture where initiation rituals meant upper-class wrestlers twisted the nipples of freshman wrestlers until they turned purple and tennis players sent hard volleys to younger teammates' backsides," the Washington Post reported just a few months after the event (Kay).¨

6.2. "All of it angered and oppressed Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, leading to the April day when they staged their murderous rampage here, killing 13 and wounding 21 (Kay).¨