What is the relationship between school dress codes and student rights as provided by the 1st ame...

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What is the relationship between school dress codes and student rights as provided by the 1st amendment? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between school dress codes and student rights as provided by the 1st amendment?

1. Are Dress Codes A Drag? School Fines A Boy For Wearing A Dress To Prom The author says that students should be respected in whatever they wear (Weekly Reader publication).

1.1. They can't single me out and say, 'It was only you.' I think it's over the dress?'

1.1.1. The student wasn't stopping anyone from learning it was a school dance.

1.2. Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School District, the Court ruled that public school officials could not censor student political expression .

1.2.1. Students shouldn't be prohibited to express themselves publically.

2. The Puritans prosecuted women who wore lace and Southern colonies included matters of dress in their slave codes (Robson).

2.1. Even the puritans would not allow women to wear what they wanted instead of teaching males how to control themselves.

3. Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent Community School District. Tinker involved students wearing black armbands to protest the war in Vietnam (Robson).

3.1. The school district is prohibiting the students from defending the side they chose.

4. "But women can wander anywhere in outfits so scanty they'd make Caprice blush."

5. In addition, some people think that you can't express yourself while following a dress code, but you can. Get creative with your hair! A dress code won't make you sacrifice your style, but it will allow for a safer, more academically focused school.

6. School dress codes do not violate student rights.

7. Schoolo dress codes violate student rights.

8. End The Sexist Dress Code The author is stating that school dress code is archaic, inconsistent and sexist (Hislop).

8.1. But, although the clock would tend, those responsible for officially rating horses do not agree.

8.1.1. The dress codes way them down.

8.2. Timeform, rated Brigad. That is 1lb higher than the current figure published by Britain and Ireland's official handicappers but is still up to 18lb lower than the most literal interpretation of his victory.

8.2.1. He doesn't need a suit and tie to win.

9. Strict School Dress Codes Have Gone Beyond Safety School dress codes also have the potential to limit free speech, waste time, highlight economic disparity between students, create further gender inequality, and render students ill-equipped as adults to engage in democracy (Robson).

10. What Not To Wear: A School's Dress Code Limits Styles And Colors Schools can provide clothing guidelines. Such guidelines would help maintain a respectful school environment. Students would still be able to show their unique personalities through their clothing styles ( Weekly Reader publication).

10.1. Morgan Glon, "I think it is good that you don't have to wake up in the morning and worry about what to wear."(Bronsnan).

10.1.1. I don't agree with Morgan a student should have to wake up and make a choice on to what to wear. She's not going to be told what to wear all her life.

10.2. ""I think [the dress code] develops a source of pride for the school and reduces the outside influences that get in the way of instruction," Principal Dave Chaplin told the Yakima Herald-Republic (Brosnan).

10.2.1. The students need to develop a sort of way to block bad influences but with it all being blocked they can't.

11. It’s time for school districts to worry less about student attire.

12. Because the school is violating the students right to free expression.