what is the connection between gun laws and school shootings?

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what is the connection between gun laws and school shootings? by Mind Map: what is the connection between gun laws and school shootings?

1. Guns on campus make school unsafe.

1.1. The shooter possessed twelve bump stocks, weapons which spray bullets continuously while the trigger is held down, are tightly regulated below federal regularization, it's been unlawful to promote a new one, limiting the supply to the weapons available, these devices can dramatically increase the body count of a mass shooting however it doesn't make a gun more beneficial for purposes which includes self-protection or hunting(VerBruggen).

1.1.1. "THE violence that besieged a Las Vegas concert earlier this month is almost incomprehensible. Almost 60 died, and hundreds more were injured, as a deranged gunman rained bullets down on them from 32 stories up and 400 yards away"(VerBruggen). I think that while guns are still in the hands of the wrong people they are going to keep on hurting people.

1.1.2. "To be sure, it would be entirely possible to take these measures and work harder to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.such as requiring background checks on all gun buyers, making the gun-tracing system more efficient, improving mental-health records, and prohibiting those with misdemeanor stalking convictions from owning guns"(VerBruggen). This quote states that if we try to make some changes in gun control without violating citizens rights, violence could decrease.

1.2. In addition gun manage measures within the u.s could have restricted consequences because of the hundreds of weapons that exist in personal arms. although anti gun activist declare that hid carry laws could boom violence, some conditions that include shootings on campus(Goldberg).

1.2.1. "The Canadian approach to firearms ownership has many attractions the country's firearm homicide rate is one-sixth that of the U.S. But barring a decision by the American people and their legislators to remove the right to bear arms from the Constitution, arguing for applying the Canadian approach in the U.S. is useless" (Goldberg). This quote states that by removing the right to bear arms it would decrease violence.

1.2.2. "more concealed-carry guns have led to the drop in the national crime rate, because cities like Los Angeles, where we have very restrictive gun-control laws, have seen the same remarkable drop in crime" (Goldberg). This quote means that the more they restrict guns the less crime there is, they use Los Angeles to prove their opinion.

1.3. because he claims that the more people have guns it increases violence and that many people have died because of it.

1.4. because other cities have less violence by restricting it, it could stop it.

2. Gun on campus make school safer.

2.1. People say that more armed civilians can prevent gun violence. purporting to aid the argument that more weapons are a result in much less crime, it has been confirmed to be wrong. weapons owned by civilians are not likely for use successfully in a situation including a mass shooting and, in reality, proof factors within the route of extra weapons increasing the suicide and murder rates(Seitz-Wald).

2.1.1. "After a horrific massacre like the one in Newton, Conn., last week [December 14, 2012], gun-rights advocates will argue that someone with a gun at the scene could have stopped the killer"(Seitz-Wald). This makes me think that maybe having guns in certain places can stop violence or control it but it has to be owned by someone that is responsible.

2.1.2. "His massive 7,000-word feature, titled "The Case for More Guns" makes a compelling argument in what could be called the "Slate pitch" genre of contrarian counter narratives that seek to provoke by challenging widely held, though rarely debated, assumptions"(Seitz-Wald). This makes me think that there are arguments around the world about protecting the 2nd amendment and how they have many reasons why they shouldn't bane the 2nd amendment which is the right to bear arms(own a gun).

2.2. weapons do a lot more than kill. more frequently than no longer, they keep lives and prevent violence. Wayne Ally Root argues that people use guns to defend themselves often each year. He claims that armed residents prevent violence, even though reasonable gun manage is suitable, residents need to be capable of arm themselves, and weapons must never be banned.(Root).

2.2.1. "Banning guns would leave about 1,000,000 Americans defenseless from criminals who have no problem acquiring guns illegally" (Root). This quote makes me think that if people are defenseless and theirs people out there that weren't it would increase violence.

2.2.2. "Millions of Jews were left defenseless from that day forward. Just like the criminals in the studies above, who were far less likely to break into a home or attack a victim if they feared the victim was armed, Hitler only started his murderous genocide after first ensuring his victims were disarmed, defenseless, and helpless" (Root). This quote matters because it proves how many people died because they where defenseless and how it would of been different if they weren't.

2.3. because he thinks having guns on campus or with you is safer and in an occasion where something bad like a shooting is happening they have something to protect who ever is around them.

2.4. because he claims that most people use guns to protect themselves.