What is the relationship between smartphones and classroom learning?

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What is the relationship between smartphones and classroom learning? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between smartphones and classroom learning?

1. Smartphones are beneficial in the classroom environment.

1.1. People discuss about how the future, smartphones, and how they are going to be a great game changer for the classroom leaning by performing task and also assignments.(Soloway)

1.1.1. Then someone mentions that smartphones would be are "as well as capable of performing most tasks and assignments." thinking that students would do better in school with the new technology.("Soloway") This quote means that it could be true, but in my thoughts it depends on the person in the way that they would be using the smartphones, because they can use them for learning or for distraction.

1.1.2. The man believes that just because the time passes by that we should "need to stop looking at the past and look to the future." Meaning that we should just start using the technology that we have now and stop using books and other stuff just because the time is changing.("Soloway") This maters because I disagree with the quotes. I think that we should still be using what the past has giving us that would be books and other stuff. Just because the times has changed does not mean that the education had to change.

1.2. That we as students should be up to date with the technology and use it for are classroom learning.("Smartphone in")

1.2.1. They mention that "We all know that technology is here to stay, and so the school board has to get with the times." Making us think if that it is true that just because something new comes up we have to use it.("Smartphones in") This quotes makes me think that it could not be true. The reason I would say this would be just because we have technology it does not mean that we have to use them.

1.2.2. Then they show some evidence that "if you use digital writing, it will make gigantic improvements in their writing."They believe that the kids can improve their writing with the technology.("Smartphones in") This quote shows that they believe that kids can do better with technology. Then they show some prove on what they have.

1.3. Because the smartphone could be used in a good way but it would also have it's problems.

1.4. Because it would possibly help us achieve more if we use the technology that is up to date.

2. Smartphones are distraction in classroom environment.

2.1. That by banding the phones in school the students have been doing way more better and been improving a lot.("Kids do")

2.1.1. In some data it showed that "the schools' test scores improved by 6.4%", and this happen because they had ban the phone in school.("Kids do") This quotes makes me think that this data would be right. The reason that I would say this is because kids can achieve more stuff without a phone, and that could help them in to improve the school work.

2.1.2. Then the people from the school started to find "the impact of banning phones for these students" in how the education was changing.("Kids do") This matters because they see that the kids are improving in a good way, and in my thoughts I do think that would be true because the kids have not been distracted.

2.2. That the technology could help us but then we as students have the urge to be playing around or even do stuff that would affect us in school.("Smartphones do")

2.2.1. By having technology in the classrooms we could also have "the temptations to text, surf the Internet, and log onto social networks, mobile devices are also tools of distraction" and this would affect the students because they would not be learning nothing meaning that they would be distracted by doing other stuff.("Smartphones do") This quote means that it would be true because even I would have that urge on using the device in other ways that would not be school related.

2.2.2. Then they did some type of research in the school. Then the results had shown "that students who used laptops in class spent considerable time multitasking and that laptop use posed a significant distraction to both users."That showed more that technology in school was not helping them but was making things worse in a type of way.("Smartphones do") This quote shows that it is true because students would be getting distracted a lot. That would later on cause them on doing bad at school, because of the distraction of the technology.

2.3. Because the students have been doing great without the technology and have been doing well with there old learning habits.

2.4. Because students would be taking the advantage of the smartphones.