What is the relationship between smartphones and student education?

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What is the relationship between smartphones and student education? by Mind Map: What is the relationship between smartphones and student education?

1. Cellphones are beneficial in a learning environment

1.1. According to Eston Melton, assistant principal at West Potomac High School in Alexandria, Virginia, when students use their own smartphones and devices they retain the information better ("Smart Devices").

1.1.1. The author has observed students on how they work with their devices, he has concluded, "this kind of teaching infidelity keeps students engaged" (Shane). The quotes is showing that students can focus and grasp what their suppose to do when there is an electronic involved. The thought of working on an electronic instead of writing with a pencil gets the attention of the students.

1.1.2. The author examined through how students do their homework at home, he has resolved, "39% of middle-school students use smartphones to do their homework" (Shane) This make me think that students find it easier to access and complete their homework when its always with them.

1.2. According to Elliot Soloeway founder and chief executive officer of GoKnow [Mobile Learning Solutions], schools need to teach for the future, education for students shouldn't be for the 19th century (Soloway).

1.2.1. Soloway explains that smartphones are the future and they are now apart of modern life "mobile devices support communication" (Soloway). This quote makes me think that schools are trying to keep students away from their devices as long as they can and only focus on their work. The technology that we use today should be used and should be encouraged so that later in the future technology only get better.

1.2.2. Soloway says after observing schools and their smartphone growth "they're appropriate 21st century tools for developing 21st-century skills (Soloway) This matters because students should be up to date on the latest technology and should at least know how to work it. Technology is quicker and easier and should be given to students not hidden.

1.3. Because smartphones are used for an educational purpose and makes it easier for a student to complete work.

1.4. Because students already are owners of smartphones and its fun for the students.

2. Smartphones are not beneficial in a learning environment

2.1. According to Joe Golton, creator of FilterJoe, cellphones are always needing someone's attention and can easily distract someone (Golton).

2.1.1. The author states, "it's hard to read and fully absorb more than a few hundred words on a device that constantly interrupts you" (Golten) This means if the student isn’t at school they’re doing work at home it’s still a struggle for them to fully understand what is being explained to them because it's on their own device.

2.1.2. The author is explaining, "a phone may work well for some, but others may want to be cut off completely from the rest of the world" (Golten). This means most people are able to control themselves on devices with time and stopping to complete work, for others they never grasp anything because they’re unable to control themselves and never get off their device.

2.2. From Brian Shane's observation, smartphones can be used for educational purposes, but can destroy someone from wanting to listen in class ("Smartphones Do").

2.2.1. The author stated from one of his researches, "Results showed that students who used laptops in class spent considerable time multitasking and that laptop use posed a significant distraction to both users and fellow students" (Maclean). This make me think that students get the idea that if there is a electronic in front of them they can do whatever they want.

2.2.2. The author explains, "the case that the value of technology to learning is frequently oversold by eager advocates" (Maclean). This quote makes me think that students will do anything to try to avoid work if they become that lazy. The temptation in their mind that work doesn’t have to be completed. This can lead to failing grades. The idea of having fun takes over the idea of maintaining good grades.

2.3. Because students can't have their device next to them they have the idea of using the device and putting all of their attention to that only.

2.4. Because the smartphones isn't only for education, when a student has a device in they're going to do what is entertaining to them, and students would rather be entertained than bored.