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1. Classroom management: if we want to mage the classroom effectively we have to consider different factors that are important like handling variables, identify the way how to talk to student and also to prepare a good environment from having an ordered space to create a comfortable space where student can work together by their own in groups

2. The teacher in the classroom: Our physical presence can play a large part in our management of the classroom environment. The way we move and stand, and the degree to which we are physically demonstrative can have a clear effect on the management of the class.

3. Proximity: Teachers need to consider how close they should be to the students they are working, being conscious in how close to their students.

4. Appropriacy: it refers to the physical effect that of person as a teacher in the first impression generates to students, that is why we have to be careful with our position,to consider what kind of effect such physical behavior has so that we can behave in a way which is appropriate to the students we are teaching and the relationship we wish to create with them

5. Awareness: In order to manage a class successfully, the teacher has to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling

6. Awareness: In order to manage a class successfully, the teacher has to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling. This means watching and listening just as carefully as teaching

7. voice: How we speak and what our voice sounds like have a crucial impact on classes

8. Audibility: Teachers do not have to shout to be audible. Good voice projection is more important than volume

9. Variety: It is important for teachers to vary the quality of their voices; In one particular situation, teachers often use very loud voices, and that is when they want students to be quiet or stop doing something

10. Conservation: It is important too that teachers vary their voices throughout the day, avoiding shouting wherever possible, so that they can conserve their vocal energy. Conserving the voice is one of the things teachers will want to take into account.

11. Talking to student: The way that teachers talk to students, the manner in which they interact with them it is one of the crucial teacher skills.

12. Giving instruction: There are two general rules for giving instructions: they must be kept as simple as possible, and they must be logical. Before giving instructions, therefore, teachers must ask

13. Student talk and Teacher talk: Overuse of TTT is inappropriate because the more a teacher talks, the less chance there is for the students to practice their own speaking. The best lessons, therefore, are ones where STT is maximized, but where at appropriate moments during the lesson the teacher is not afraid to summarize what is happening