Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. A successful classroom involves

2. How the classroom space is organized

3. how we appear to the students

4. how we use our voice

5. The way we talk to students

6. The teacher in the classroom

7. Marks the difference between successful teaching and less satisfactory lessons

8. Proximity

9. Take into account the behaviour of all their students, getting close and be conscious

10. Appropriacy

11. Teachers have to consider how close to their student should be while they are working

12. Movement

13. Teachers spend time walking side to side until they become tired

14. The most important is the way how they can retain their students’ interest

15. Awareness

16. The teacher has to pay attention of what students are doing and about their feelings

17. The most important instruments to consider as a teacher are:

18. The voice

19. To be audible

20. Vary the quality of their voices

21. Take in account

22. Conversation

23. Talking to students

24. Giving instructions

25. Exist two general rules

26. They must be kept as simple as possible

27. They must be logical

28. It´s important that instruction have to be clear because is an information what we are trying to transmit

29. Made by: Obed Abdías Machuca Fuentes