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1. Using the voice

1.1. We have to use a pleasant voice tone in class, give a good use of teaching management and thus have a good communication with the students, inside and outside of class.

2. Proximity

2.1. How the teachers are close with the students. The teachers have to be more considerable in their way of being so that the students approach without any fear towards them, either for some explanation of the subject that the student did not understand and they don´t feel uncomfortable.

3. The teacher in the classroom

3.1. The teacher have to create an excellent environment in the class nor just appearance if not demonstrate that the teacher is prepare for give the class with a good plan lesson and the students understand the topic.

4. Classroom Management

4.1. When we are a manage in classroom, we have to be very organize with the time and the space of the classroom for something better to the students and we will be creative in the class and motivate the students to participate. Also we can know how is the problem or situation that is difficult for the students. Use a good tone of voice.

5. Appropriacy

5.1. Is related how the positions the teachers take in class, but the teachers have to consider or think what position in the form of sitting or standing must be done so as not to feel uncomfortable to the students, even if some students like it with others is no problem, but with those who do not to be more careful.

6. Movement

6.1. In this case is a personal style of teachers, but for the best thing that we can do is keep movement in class not only our eyes, but also physically, that is our body so that the students feel an active class and that motivates to do activities or continue the class.

7. Awareness

7.1. The teacher has to be very flexible in answering a question since this implies that the teachers will have a little trouble for the students to learn a new language and to deal with the best way for them to feel no fear in class to participate and be wrong, however, is to have a compression as our students will see us as good teachers.

8. Audibility

8.1. Teachers have to be sure that the students in the back hear them as well as those in front, the voice has to be clear and very understandable, without the need to shout or be unpleasant.

9. Variety

9.1. Speak loudly and effective a way of getting the students' attention.

10. Conservation

10.1. Teachers have to take good care of their voice, avoid shouting and keep the voice is something that teachers will have to take into account all the classes that will give in their work.

11. Talking to students

11.1. Teachers can express of form very understable to the students, a good vocabulary use and voice tone, use physical movements and gestures.

12. Giving instructions

12.1. The teacher will spend a lot of time to explain student what to do and when to do it.

13. Student talk and teacher talk

13.1. Teacher give clear instructions for activities, the students learn the language used by the teacher, the students need to practice and be motivated.