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Manage Classroom by Mind Map: Manage Classroom

1. To be able

1.1. Handle a range of variables

2. These include

2.1. how the classroom space and organized

2.1.1. Top Priorities

2.1.2. Medium Priorities

2.1.3. Low Priorities

3. The Teachers in the Classroom

3.1. Proximity

3.2. Appropiacy

3.3. Movement

3.4. Awarerness

3.5. Using the voice

3.6. Audiobility

3.7. Variety

3.8. Conservation

3.9. Talking to the students

4. What information do they need

4.1. When the teachers give the instruction, it is important to the to check that the students have understood what they are being asked to do

5. The student talk and teacher talk

5.1. There is a continuing debate about amount of the time teaches should spend talking in the class.