Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. Classroom Management

1.1. we have to be able to handle a range of variables.

2. in the classroom

2.1. Our presence can play a large part in our management of the classroom environment.

3. Proximity

3.1. how close they should be to the students they are working with.

4. Appropriacy

4.1. the general way in which teachers sit or stand in classrooms.

5. Movement

5.1. teachers tend to spend most of their class time in one place

6. Awareness

6.1. Teachers has to be aware of what students are doing and, where possible, how they are feeling.

7. The voice

7.1. The most important instrument as teachers is our voice.

8. Auditibily

8.1. The teachers need to be audible.

9. Variety

9.1. It is important for teachers to vary the quality of their voices according to the type of lesson and the type of activity.

10. conversation

10.1. is important that they breathe correctly so that they don't strain their larynxes.

11. Talking to students

11.1. the manner in which they interact with them

12. Give instructions

12.1. The best activity in the world is a waste of time if the students don't understand what it is they are supposed to do.