Managing the classroom

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Managing the classroom by Mind Map: Managing the classroom

1. The voice is an instrument

2. You need to try to moderate or modify you behaviour

3. Proximity

3.1. Teachers have to be aware about the closeness with their students.

3.2. To close students are going to feel umconfortable.

3.3. If teachers are too much far, students are going to feel coldness.

4. This about how a classroom works, it includes teachers, students and activities development.

4.1. Some Variables

4.1.1. Organize classroom space

4.1.2. Students are working

4.1.3. Organize classroom time

5. The teacher in the classroom

6. Awarenss

6.1. Means assessing what students have said and responding appropriately.

6.1.1. Teachers are able to percive success and the failure

6.1.2. Teachers must do self_aware

6.2. Aspects to consider:

6.2.1. Teacher´s physical approach.

6.2.2. Personality

7. Using the voice

8. Audibility

8.1. Teachers need to speak clearly and loudly, in order to students can hear their voice.

8.2. They must use a good volume of voice

9. Variety

9.1. Teachers have to change the tone of voice to different activities.

9.2. They have to try to moderate the loud voice, because some students feel intimidated.

10. Conservation

10.1. Take care of vocal chords

10.2. To avoid shouting

10.3. An advice is to try to concerve vocal energy and follow the right process to speak in a clearly way.

11. Talking to students

11.1. Be careful in the way that you talk with your students

11.2. Speak with less complex grammatical stuctures.

11.3. Teachers need to be aware about three things:

11.3.1. Kind of language

11.3.2. Think about what they wish

11.3.3. The manner in which they will speak

11.4. Teachers have to take care about your facial expressions

12. Giving instructions

12.1. There are two general rules:

12.1.1. They must be kept as simple as posible

12.1.2. They must be logical

12.2. To ask yourself if you have give clear instruction

12.2.1. Am I trying to convey?

12.2.2. What is the important information?

13. Movement

13.1. They have to be in movement, because some teachers do the same places:

13.1.1. To the side

13.1.2. In the middle

13.1.3. They walk side to side

13.2. If teacher are in the same place, students get bored.

14. Appropriacy

14.1. Behavior Inappropriated

14.1.1. Sit on the floor

14.1.2. Take sitting on the edge of tables

14.1.3. Standing behind a lectern

14.1.4. Standing on raised dais

14.2. Take care about relationship

15. What information do they need first? Which should come next?

15.1. To check if students understood the information.

15.2. Teacher asks for the information that he/ she has given

15.3. Students translate instruction into their mother tongue

16. Student talks and teacher talks

16.1. TTT talks more during the class.

16.2. STT is less, and the students do not practice and do not develop their skills